The Best A Man Can Get. 

Personal care brand Gillette has used that as its tagline for 30 years. 

But the meaning of this seemingly harmless statement changes completely in the light of women coming out and telling their stories of being harassed. 

What is the best a man can get?

Is it eve teasing unsuspecting women? Is it casual sexism? Or is it encouraging each other’s acts of violence in the name of ‘boys will be boys’?

That is exactly what this latest short film from the brand questions.

It talks about The Best Men Can Be. 

By standing up against harassment. 

By holding other men accountable for their mistakes. 

By stopping people from bullying. 

By telling young boys to behave.

By telling young girls they are capable of doing anything. 

If there is anything men need to shave off, it’s toxic masculinity from their heads and hearts. 

You can watch this impactful video here. Good going, Gillette!