Think You Know Your Gin? Take This Quiz To Test Your Knowledge

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So you think you know your gin? Take this quiz and we'll see about that. But, first, go get yourself another gin! 

1. Gin is primarily made using which of these important ingredients?

2. Gin is derived from which word? 

3. What is the actual colour of gin? 

4. What is London Dry?

5. What is an 'Old Tom'? 

6. Which of these popular cocktails DOES NOT have gin?


Tom Collins



7. Which of these IS NOT a gin brand? 

8. What's the difference between vodka and gin?

9. Juniper berries come from which type of tree? 

10. After juniper, what is the second most popular botanical ingredient used while making gin?

11. Looking at the icon, can you tell which label of gin this is?

12. The classic martini cocktail is made using gin and which other important ingredient?


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