In this day and age, when pollution is choking us, going green is the only way forward. And that is exactly what Daymaker Events is trying to do. 

A small event company based out of Kochi is helping people with the alternative to go green during weddings, and in the process, doing their bit to curb excessive wastage. 

With everything made out of different parts of the coconut tree, Daymaker Events is not only being environment-friendly but also invoking the past by giving their endeavour a nostalgic touch that everyone seems to enjoy. 

From their pandals to their floral decorations, everything is made of different parts of the coconut tree. 

Not just that. Guests are gifted with coconut leaf caps and the food is served on leaf trays. For one particular wedding, they even decorated the cake with coconut leaves. 

Since everything is biodegradable, nothing goes waste even after the wedding and disposal is the least concern.  

And the cost? Well, according to what your needs are, it might cost you anything around Rs 15000 and Rs 75000. 

It’s way cheaper than the modern-day decorations we pay a lump sum for and it is eco-friendly as well. Apart from being environment-friendly, the initiative is also helping the craft workers who make these decorations. 

What a great way to celebrate one’s special day, isn’t it? 

All images from Daymaker Events