Communalising issues has become a recent trend. After the whole Taj Mahal row, an IPS officer questioned the complete absence of muslims in the Indian cricket team. 

Sanjiv Bhatt, who is known for filing affidavit’s about former CM Modi and his role in the 2002 riots, tweeted this:

The tweet can be loosely translated to: “Is there a single muslim player in the current Indian cricket team. Since independence of India, how many times has this happened? Have the muslims stopped playing cricket or have the selectors begun following someone else’s rule?”

Former player of the Indian cricket team and off spinner Harbhajan Singh couldn’t let go of the tweet – which accused the national team of not practising meritocracy. And he tweeted this as response:

Loosely translating to: Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian – all the players of the Indian cricket team are Indians first. The team shouldn’t be segregated on the basis of colour, creed or caste.

Well played, Mr Singh. We shouldn’t forget that players like Mohammed Shami and Mohammed Siraj maybe on the sidelines, they’ve been an integral part of the team’s recent success. Let’s stop communalising issues.