Japan, as a country is crazy about horror movies, TV series, books and much more but, it is also home to some of the most haunted places in the world that can give you goosebumps. Here are 10 haunted places in Japan that you should avoid visiting after dark.

1. Aokigahara Forest, Yamanashi

According to legend, this forest is haunted by the spirits of old women who were left here to die. 

This thick forest in Japan is popularly known as ‘suicide forest’ because hundreds of people come here to commit suicide. Japanese spiritualists say that the suicides committed in the forest have penetrated Aokigahara’s trees, generating paranormal activity. It is believed that this forest was used for ‘ubatse’, the practice of leaving old women to die in the forest. It is believed that this forest is haunted by the spirits of those old women who were left here to die. Every year dozens of corpses are found by volunteers, but many bodies are lost in the dense, thick woods.


2. Inukane Pass Tunnel, Miyawaka town

The spirit of a young girl who was murdered here still lingers around. 

This tunnel is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a young girl who was murdered here a few decades ago. People often complain about hearing screams, cries, wails and whispers. Some people have reportedly been told to stop and not venture further into the tunnel. Visitors also claim to have been shoved, poked and pushed by an unknown entity. 


3. Oiran Buchi, Yamanashi

According to reports, the cries, wails and screams of women who were murdered here can still be heard. 

The Oiran Buchi bridge is considered among the scariest places in Japan. According to legend, this area had gold mines during the 16th century and it was run by a man named Takdeda Clan. In order to keep the miners happy, Takdeda used to run brothels too. But, after the battle of Nagashino, Takeda escaped from the area after killing all the prostitutes so they wouldn’t share any vital information about the mines with anyone. It is believed that he invited the prostitutes on the bridge and asked his workers to slash their ropes. Locals say that the wails and cries of the women asking for help can still be heard.


4. Nakagusuku Hotel, Okinawa

People claim to see lights and feel a cold presence in the empty corridors of the hotel. 

The ruins of the Nakagusuku Hotel is known as one of the favourite haunted attractions in Japan. It is said this hotel was initially constructed as a luxury resort but, a monk opposed its construction because he said the hotels construction would disturb the holy site and graves in the area but, no one paid attention to his words. The construction of the resort was stopped mid-way due to mishaps but, in order to restart the hotel, the owner promised to stay overnight at the hotel to prove it was safe. The owner ended up talking crazy the next morning after spending a night in the hotel and he disappeared without any trace. 


5. Camp Hansen, Okinawa

The spirit of a soldier is often seen asking for cigarettes from those nearby. 

During World War II, Camp Hansen in Okinawa saw a lot of destruction which left behind many dead soldiers. People claim to have seen a lone soldier who appears in blood-stained clothes and asks for cigarettes from those nearby. This sighting has been reported by many people near Gate no. 3 which is now shut down due to the paranormal activities. 


6. Okiku’s Well, Himeji Castle

This well is said to be haunted by the spirit of a young girl who was killed by Samurai Aoyama Tessan. 

Okiku’s Well is located with in Himeji Castle and it is also termed as one of the most haunted places in Japan. It is believed that the spirit of a young girl named Okiku, who served the Samurai Aoyama Tessan still lingers around. According to legend, Aoyama loved Okiku but, it was one-sided so, he hid a valuable item and blamed it on Okiku in order to take revenge. Later, he threw Okiku in the well and killed her because she refused to love him back. People claim to hear her wailing in the silence of the night. 


7. Round Schoolhouse, Hokkaido

People claim to see apparitions and hear vague noises and demonic sounds coming from this building. 

This round-building was earlier run like an elementary school in 1906 but, it shut down in the 1970s and since then has been abandoned. People have reportedly seen apparitions coming in and out of the building. Visitors also claim to hear inexplicable noises, demonic sounds and weird noises coming from inside the building premises. 


8. SSS Curve, Okinawa

The spirit of those soldiers who died during WWII can still be seen. People also claim to feel dizzy and nauseous while passing through this area. 

The SSS Curve in Okinawa has witnessed deaths of many Japanese soldiers who lost their lives during World War II. It is believed that these soldiers come back to this area to haunt visitors. Visitors have often complained about feeling nauseous and dizzy while passing through this area. Some people have reportedly felt someone’s hand on their body as well. 


9.  Doryodo Ruins, Tokyo

Locals believe that the spirit of a young girl whose body was dumped here is still lingers around in the area. 

It is believed that the body of a young female student was dumped here in Doryodo ruins in 1973. We don’t know much about who killed the girl and how she died. But, people claim to hear cries and wails of a female and they also claim to feel the presence of something supernatural.  


10. Akasaka Mansion, Tokyo

This hotel is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a notorious spirit who seems to create problems for its guests. 

This mansion in Tokyo is termed as one of the most haunted places to stay in Japan. Visitors claim to have seen apparitions and they also claim to hear the sound of footsteps. One guest also said that she was dragged by an unknown force across the room through her hair. 


Believe it or not.