Are you a paranormal enthusiast? Or do you like exploring the haunted history of a city? Then, the ancient and bustling streets of London have plenty of spots in its basket that will give you a hair-raising experience. So what are you waiting for? Go check out these spooky London localities.     

1. Tower of London

Where: St. Katharine’s & Wrapping, London EC3N 4AB, London, UK 

The Tower of London holds within its wall nearly 1,000 years of history which has its own fair share of paranormal activities even. This historic tower is infused with the ghost of Queen Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King Henry VIII. Henry VIII had Anne investigated for performing witchcraft on him and later arrested her and held her as a prisoner in the tower prior to her execution in 1536. Locals claim that her tortured spirit roam around in the entire tower.     

2. Theatre Royal 

Where: Catherine Street, London WC2B 5JF, UK 

Theatre Royal is one of London’s most celebrated theatre and has hosted renowned artists from across the globe. The haunted history of the theatre dates back to the 1800s when performers reported seeing a “Man in Grey.” Rumors claimed that it was the ghost of a knife-stabbed man whose remains were discovered in a hidden passage of the theatre.      

3. The Bow Bells 

Where: 116 Bow Road, London E3 3AA, UK 

The Bow Bells bar felt the presence of a ghost in the ’60s and 70s. In 1974, a ceremony was performed to get rid of the ghost, but it didn’t go as planned. During the ceremony, the toilet door swung open with such a force that it completely smashed the pane of glass in the door. No more ceremonies were ever performed in the bar after that and thus the unusual presence remains in the bar to this day.    

4. 50 Berkeley Square 

Where: 50 Berkeley Square, London WIJ 6AF, UK 

50 Berkeley Square is often considered as one of the most haunted houses in London. According to folklore, the attic of this four-story complex is infused with the spirit of a young girl who committed suicide by jumping from the top-floor window. Many tenants reported seeing a white figure at various spots and family members meeting sudden unfortunate events.    

5. Hampstead Heath 

Where: Protected site in London, England 

The calm Hampstead Heath is one of the most haunted spots in London. This place till date terrorizes the weary travelers who dare to cross this wild landscape. Some people have reported witnessing the ghostly figure of the eighteenth-century villain Dick Turpin riding his horse.    

6. The Flask 

Where: 74–76 Highgate West Hill, Highgate, London 

This buzzing pub of Highgate talks about a couple of haunting incidents. Locals reveal that they have often spotted an unknown lady, draped in white attire, roaming in the pub. Legends claim that it is the ghost of a Spanish barmaid who hanged herself in the cellar of the pub after being left heartbroken by her lover.  

7. Bleeding Heart Yard 

Where: Holborn, London, UK  

Bleeding Heart Yard is a cobbled courtyard that is named after the antique picture of the Virgin Mary, stabbed with 5 swords. As per the legends, the mutilated body of Lady Elizabeth Hatton, the lady-in-waiting to the queen consort of England, Anne of Denmark, was found in the middle of this courtyard. Till date, people claim to hear the cries of Lady Elizabeth Hatton, asking for help. 

8. The Spaniard’s Inn 

Where: Spaniards Rd, London NW3 7JJ 

Probably one of the oldest pubs in London, the Spaniard Inn, has a spooky legend attached to it. The legend claims that co-owners and founders of the place Francesco and Juan Porero fought over the affection of a woman and as a result, Juan was killed. He was then buried in the garden of the Inn and his ghost has supposedly haunted the building ever since then. 

9. Bruce Castle Museum 

Where: Lordship Ln, Tottenham, London N17 8NU, UK 

Bruce Castle was established in 1254 and is presently a museum that displays the archives and heritage possessions of London City. It is said that during the colonial times, Lady Coleraine, wife of the then peerage of the UK was held here against her will by her cruel husband. On 3rd November of the same year, she committed suicide by jumping off from the parapet. Every year, on 3rd November, the figure of a weeping lady is spotted performing the suicidal task again and again.  

10. Old Queen’s Head 

Where: 44 Essex Rd, The Angel, London N1 8LN, UK 

Another famous yet spooky spot in London is the Old Queen’s Head. This gastropub is known for hosting quizzes, games, live shows and concerts. However, this buzzing spot is haunted by the spirits of a lady and a little girl who were brutally killed here. People who visited the pub reported to see a little girl banging the pub doors and a lady running around the staircases.   

11. Westminster Abbey 

Where: 20 Deans Yd, Westminster, London SW1P 3PA, UK 

This historic church located in the west of the Palace of Westminster is not only one of the most important religious buildings of London but also a popular coronation place and burial ground for the British monarchs. Nearly, 3000 people and 17 monarchs have been buried in the ground of Westminster Abbey till date. And maybe this is the reason that tourists witness the ghostly spirit of a monk roaming around in the premises.  

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