As COVID-19 is gradually spreading its tentacles in and around the planet, maintaining hygiene and thoroughly washing hands is what WHO and every health professional is asking us to do. And yes, there is a right way to do it.

Follow these dos and don’ts while washing hands and you’re good:  


Take out your wrist watch, some suggest pushing it to the forearm but it’s risky. 

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Avoid any rings other than plain bands. Removing all jewelry is recommended. 

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Turn on water and adjust the temperature to warm. 

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Keep your hands and sleeves away from the sink surface. 

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Don’t forget to thoroughly wash your wrists and thumbs as well. 

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To prevent water from flowing from most to least contaminated areas, hands and forearms should be lower than elbows. 

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Take 3-5 ml of liquid soap and lather. If you are using Bar Soap wash it thoroughly before and after use. 

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Wash your palms, each finger, an area in between the fingers, wrists, knuckle, back of your hands and forearms, for 20 seconds at least.

That’s the happy birthday song sung twice.  

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The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal

If you think your hands might be contaminated, wash at least 2.5 cm above the area of contamination, otherwise wash 1 inch above the wrists. 

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For cleaning fingernails a nail-brush or an Orangewood Stick should be used. 

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Rinse your hands thoroughly and pat dry with a clean paper towel. 


Turn off the tap with a paper towel to avoid contamination. 

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Dispose the paper towel properly. 

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Apply hand cream or lotion to prevent the skin from drying because bacteria settles easily on dry skin. 

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Avoid touching the sink surface. If you accidentally do, wash your hands all over again. 

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Avoid splashing water on your clothes. 

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Warm water is best, avoid hot water.  

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As a wise kid once said, Dhote Jao Dhote Jao 

Source- Arrow ScientificThe Wall Street Journal