While we’re crazy about global chart toppers and sensational musicians around the world (read: the West), on home turf, there are just a few musicians who can really up the ante with their music. This World Music Day, let’s set aside the usual international artists and lend a ear to these homegrown musicians who can very well give the likes of an Ed Sheeran and Coldplay a run for their money! Not kidding. 

1. The Koniac Net 

The Koniac Net released their first album in 2012 and approximately 7 good years on, their latest album, They Finally Herd Us has been garnering all the right kind of attention, to say the least. Think of every great globally popular rock artist, or band and then substitute each of them with any of this popular Mumbai-based band’s tracks. It’s like the perfect balance of alt and hard rock music with no two tracks sounding similar, yet each of them catchy enough to quickly become one of the most frequently played songs on your playlist. While Crawling is addictive to say the least and you’ll feel that way about most of the their tracks, definitely listen to Something New and Annual Paean

2. The F16s 

Formed back in 2012, the band gives major Vampire Weekend vibes, only, some of their tracks are just so much better. Their latest album, WKND FRNDS that released this year is nothing less than a star even by global standards. Featuring peaceful easy listening combined with an electronic edge, The F16s give you major 80s and 90s groovy vibes and make for great party starters in the middle of the week; let alone the weekend.  

3. Ditty  

Aditi Veena, popularly known as Ditty has been around for a long time; but, it’s her latest album, Poetry Ceylon that really leaves such an indelible impression even on the first time listener. It’s Florence Welch meets Norah Jones meets Lana Del Rey (during her initial music days) in a soulful melody that gets better each time you listen to it. The music and the composition, along with Ditty’s voice haunts you in the most beautiful way. I personally recommend Deathcab, on repeat!  

4. Anisha 

One of the newest artists on the block, Anisha just released her debut album which is her namesake. And while every track is as groovy – with a sultry hint – as the next, it’s You Don’t Know and Stand There With You that really stays with you. Nothing less than a breakout star in the first album, Anisha’s songs are equally lyrical as they are upbeat and extremely contagious to your music apps.   

5. Peter Cat Recording & Co.   

These guys really need no introduction to the music scene since they’ve been around long enough to have established not just a dedicated fan following but have also managed to create a niche of music that has now become very typical of them in a good sense that has old and new listeners coming in for more. Their latest album, Bismillah is creating a buzz in the indie circuit.

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6. When Chai Met Toast  

If international artists, like Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers, are on your playllists, When Chai Met Toast absolutely demands to be heard and felt by you! You won’t stop bobbing your head to their tunes. The music, the lyrical songs and the vocals are enough to make you an ardent listener in no time. A personal favourite is Firefly, for the folksy rhythm paired and of course, the words. Perfect song to fall in love with someone, really. 

7. Raghav Meattle  

Meattle started out as a contestant on Colors Infinity show, The Stage and aside from becoming a popular face, established himself as a formidable artist. Most have already heard Meattle’s Songs From A Matchbox; I recommend listening to Back In Time if you’re looking for easy afternoon melodies to enjoy while you stare out the window, while contemplating or looking at life. Major John Mayer meets Jack Johnson feels in a nutshell and you won’t get enough of Meattle’s vocals.  

8. Arunaja 

Another breakout star who emerged from The Stage, Arunaja is a multi-talented fire starter with vocals that put Adele and Ariana Grande to shame. Arunaja released her single, Broken this year and it opened to rave reviews; for good reason too. In a day and age when most budding as well as established musicians are opting for the commercial, herd-ist mentality of opting for a repetitive formula, Arunaja takes the old school road and gives you a song that’s equal parts soulful and relatable; no matter who, or where you are. 

9. Easy Wanderlings 

Soulful melodies and easy listening perfectly describe Easy Wanderlings’ music. The touring band were also awarded the Chill Song of the Year at the VIMA Music Awards 2019. Their track Enjoy It While It Lasts has a lovely blues vibe to it. 

10. Dhruv Visvanath 

One of India’s most prominent names when it comes to indie music and guitar solos, Dhruv is no stranger to the scene. His guitar beating/spanking made him a rage and he continues to serve up music that hits all the right notes! A current favourite is his track, Botswana – for the lyrics, the music and the relevance of the song. And while you’re at it, give a listen to Afterglow and Wild, too! 

11. Tanya Nambiar 

Tanya has known the hustle of the music scene in India when she created her own band, Gravy Train back in 2012. She decided to go solo in 2015 and re-launched her self with fresh tracks. A familiar famous in the live music scene, she’s created quite the stir at music festivals and recently won the award for the Best Overall Female Act at the VIMA Music Awards 2019. Her track Love Letter from her album Good Girls Gone is a must listen. 

12. Second Sight 

The band released their debut EP, The Violet Hour in 2018 and Follow You became an instant crowd puller. The music is a beautiful complexity of instruments and with an orchestra that makes it worth an experience live and loud. Their music has this sense of vulnerability that sticks with you for entirety. Here’s to looking forward to more haunting tracks from Second Sight. 

13. Cinema Of Excess 

Their 2018 album, Bring Back The Sound is what it must be like when music makes love to a person. Their track, Thing About The Colour Blue is like a sweet serenade that never leaves your ears even after the music is over. The Bengaluru-based band draws a lot of western folk, indie folk and country music influence that comes together rather beautifully with the acoustic trio. Give a listen to Light Of Your Life while you’re at it.  

14. Parekh & Singh 

Yet again, no strangers to the scene, Kolkata-based duo, Nischay Parekh and Jivraj Singh have been a familiar name in the indie music circuits and frequenters on artist lineups at popular music festivals. Their latest album Science City is like a beautiful paradox, oscillating between the retro and the futuristic with ambient music and meaningful lyrics. Aside from Summer Skin which is the popular choice for good reason, listen to Be Something.  

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