You can mistake a mundu for a lungi and we’ll pardon the gross offence you so casually made. We’ll also overlook the fact that you constantly refer to us as Madrasis, even though you know we’re not. You can even call us mallus and we may, if we’re in a good mood, let it go. But dare you call Mohanlal an uncle! Because then, we’ll probably rip your head apart. I’m just kidding. Or am I?

The point being, there are certain things that we, Malayalis, hold dear to our heart and no matter what, there’s nothing that can shake our belief in those things. We have a different, distinctive attitude that sets us apart. And we have our own weird quirks that we love. All in all, we’re proud of our ethnicity and we own it like a boss. 

To tell the world a little more about our idiosyncrasies, we’ve chalked out a few points. So go on then, check ’em out:

Kidulan designs by Suvojyoti Ray