Personally, I find history interesting. I mean there's so much to learn from people and events in the past. Indian history is particularly fascinating.

From being ruled by kings and being a British colony to gaining independence in 1947, India has seen drastic changes in almost everything. Thanks to our ancestors, our history is well-preserved in the form of forts, cities, artwork and documents.

Recently, someone posted a picture of their grandfather's passport from the pre-Independence era, on Reddit. This intrigued us to find more documents from that time that speak leaps and bounds of our history.

1. A Certificate of Merit issued to the film Ram Shastri for the Best Hindi Picture of the Year 1944 by Bengal Film Journalists’ Association, Calcutta.

Source: HT

2. A high school report card from 1936.

Source: Reddit

3. A passport from the British Indian Empire.

Source: Reddit

4. Maps from pre-independent India.

Source: News18
Source: News18

5. A pre-independence version of the telegram form.

Source: cuttingthechai

6. A telegram from the 1890s.

Source: Heritage of India

7. Train tickets.

Source: Twitter
Source: imgur

8. A postcard.

Source: collectorbazar

9. A stamp paper.

Source: collectorbazar

10. Telegraph stamps.

Source: collectorbazar

11. A telegraph receipt from 1912.

Source: wiki

It's a treasure, right?