To be human is to fight and survive. We have seen it all and prevailed no matter what. During tough times, when our survival skills become important, we also develop a keen sense of creative skills.  

COVID-19 has changed our worldview overnight. From hanging out with friends to hanging out with joothe bartan, we have come a long way. Man is a social animal, but now social distancing is the norm.  

Here are some pictures of people slaying social distancing:

1. Don't you feel like having a donut?

Source: Fox News

2. Dear CEO, can we come to the office with wings?

Source: Gulf News

3. Dinosaurs are not extinct? 

Source: Krcr TV

4. The best date of the year.

Source: Fox News

5. 'Hats off' to this idea

Source: Lad Bible

6. One danda distance 

Source: Asia One

7. Just like joey, now you won't have to share food

Source: Asia One

8. Fashion peeps, take notes!

Source: Facebbok

9. This robo-dog in Singapore asks people to 'stay apart'

Source: Curly Tales

10. Take a bow!

11. Awww... Curtain jhappi to the grandma

12. Pipe down the swag bro!

Source: Twitter