To be human is to fight and survive. We have seen it all and prevailed no matter what. During tough times, when our survival skills become important, we also develop a keen sense of creative skills.  

COVID-19 has changed our worldview overnight. From hanging out with friends to hanging out with joothe bartan, we have come a long way. Man is a social animal, but now social distancing is the norm.  

Here are some pictures of people slaying social distancing:

1. Don’t you feel like having a donut?

Fox News

2. Dear CEO, can we come to the office with wings?

Gulf News

3. Dinosaurs are not extinct? 

Krcr TV

4. The best date of the year.

Fox News

5. ‘Hats off’ to this idea

Lad Bible

6. One danda distance 

Asia One

7. Just like joey, now you won’t have to share food

Asia One

8. Fashion peeps, take notes!


9. This robo-dog in Singapore asks people to ‘stay apart’

Curly Tales

10. Take a bow!

11. Awww… Curtain jhappi to the grandma

12. Pipe down the swag bro!