The Internet, even with its share of bane and misinformation, can be a wonderful place. Take this post by Humans of Bombay for instance, featuring the story of Rushi – a patient ailing with a rare type of cancer. Rushi’s treatment had to be stopped after 8 cycles of chemo because of lack of funds.

b’Source: Humans of Bombay’

Rushi in the post had described how he had big dreams about his life and his parents who had sacrificed so much for his bright future.

Ever since I was a child, I used to tell my father, ‘I want you to retire at 52, I will take care of everything after that.’ I have no idea where this thought came from or why that’s motivated me my entire life.

But life had other plans. 

To be honest, seeing my father worried is more difficult than braving these chemotherapy cycles. It’s even worse that I can’t do my MBA and give my parents the life they deserve —they even sold the gold they had bought for my wedding! I’m trying to show him the brighter side — I tell him that it’s good that I’ve received another year to prepare for the entrance exam so I’ll try to get into the IIMs, but it’s tough.

The post touched millions of hearts online, and the internet rallied together to help Rushi. In less than 15 hours, Humans Of Bombay managed to raise over 25 lakh with the help of kind people on the internet who contributed towards his treatment. 

The page posted this happy news. 

Many were floored with Rushi’s spirited fight and his optimism about a future in spite of the dire circumstances. And they voiced their full support for him in the comments section AFTER doing their bit.

This is such a win for kindness and gives a ray of hope for humanity.