From green tea to sweet potato, you name anything that is edible and you will find it in a chocolate nowadays. 

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And against all the weird ingredients and thousands of options in different categories of chocolates, there is this one that has always had a piece of my heart since childhood – the good old Milkybar. 


Yep! You read that right. It’s not the high-fi dark chocolate or a vastly cherished milk chocolate. It is the underrated, low maintenance white chocolate.  

I know, what you all would be thinking that why on Earth would I like white chocolate? It doesn’t even have cocoa. It’s not even real chocolate.

My answer to all you white chocolate hating humans is that ‘it gives you the power’, you guys! I mean don’t you remember the legendary ad where this out-of-the-world, creamy, chocolate makes us stronger? And honestly, I did feel quite good about myself after eating this wholesome bar.  


It’s not even just that, this chocolate is so low-maintenance that it literally melts in your mouth all by itself. I mean you don’t even have to try. 

And for a person who does not particularly have a sweet tooth, it legit has the perfect amount of sugar which is not too sweet and not too bitter. Just the right amount. 

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You still aren’t convinced that Milkybar is the best chocolate of all times? I mean, did you forget all those different variations of this chocolate? From Milkybar Choo to Milkybar eclairs, this chocolate literally thought about every type of chocolate lover.   


So, even though you might have your doubts about the holiness of this amazing chocolate but Milkybar is a part of all of our childhoods that will forever give us the ‘sweetest’ memories every time we consume it. (Literally)