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If there is something that makes me really sad, it’s the commercialization of what were formerly great places to go and unwind. Nowadays, no matter which hill station, beach, or desert you go to, there are always thousands of people swarming to the same hotel doing the same things that you want. Oh, you wanted peace and quiet and maybe a chance to fiddle with that new camera? Too bad!

So, when you enter the Kanan Devan Hills in Munnar, it’s hard not to notice the quiet streets. Because, even for a destination as popular as Munnar, the quiet little town has held its own spectacularly. It’s not just its welcome isolation from the world, that endears the place to one’s heart but the fact that it is pristine, serene, and incredibly peaceful. I wanted to keep it as a secret for myself, but some things are too good to be hidden away. Take a look at these 10 pictures of the Kanan Devan tea plantations and see for yourself:

1. This little slice of heaven nestled snugly in the hills.

b’Shot by Richa Chonkar at Kanan Devan Hills, Munnar’

2. This beautiful Kodak-worthy moment that makes you believe in the ethereal beauty of nature. 

b”Shot byxc2xa0Aravind Mohanraajxc2xa0at Kanan Devan Hills, Munnar. Winner of People’s Choice Award, The Photography Escapade 2″

3. This cozy little tea plantation playing peek-a-boo with the clouds. 

b’Shot by Nagesh Hegdexc2xa0at Kanan Devan Hills, Munnar’

4. This stunning view of the hills from a tea picker’s truck.

b’Shot by Yash Ranexc2xa0at Kanan Devan Hills, Munnar’

5. This little road to an azure blue heaven. 

b’Shot by Rajeev Rajxc2xa0at Kanan Devan Hills, Munnar’

6. This lovely view where the blue sky and the green hills merge into one.

b’Shot by Suryamxc2xa0at Kanan Devan Hills, Munnar’

7. This lovely winding road that leads you deeper into the beauty of nature. 

b’Shot by Prabhu Prakashxc2xa0at Kanan Devan Hills, Munnar. Winner of The Photography Escapade 2′

8. Wouldn’t you want to ride through these picturesque hills?

b’Shot by Roohanxc2xa0Tulpulyexc2xa0at Kanan Devan Hills, Munnar’

9. This awe-inspiring scenery that will make you want to spread your wings and fly.

b’Shot by Cyril Jacobxc2xa0at Kanan Devan Hills, Munnar’

10. This stunning photograph that looks exactly like an artist’s masterpiece.

b’Shot by Nitin Hegdexc2xa0at Kanan Devan Hills, Munnar’

A big shout out to the folks over at Tata Tea Kanan Devan, who shortlisted these 10 gems in their competition, Photography Escapade 2, and shipped them off to the tea plantations at Kanan Devan Hills in Munnar to indulge in their shutterbug fancies. Congratulations also to Prakash Prabhu, whose photo has been showcased on Tata Tea Kanan Devan’s limited edition tea pack.

Way to go, guys!