The year 2019 was one hell of a ride for music in the country. Sure, there was the usual Bollywood music, but one can't deny that this was the year of Indie music.  

From singer-songwriters to different bands, the variety of music by our desi Indie musicians has been insane. So, here is a list of some amazing Indie music of 2019. 

1. Amber - F16s

This Chennai-based band has never shied away from experimenting with their music. This song is as complex and as laid back as one can get. No wonder this was chosen as the lead single of their new album. 

2. Nikamma - Lifafa

Let's all collectively agree that no matter what age you are, you're bound to start grooving every time a Lifafa track starts playing. Honestly, this track has a 'groove alone with a drink in your hand' vibe to it. 

3. Tum Ho Yahan - Abhilasha Sinha

This singer-songwriter hailing from the national capital wrote this dreamy song this year and it totally made us fall in love with it even more, every single time we heard it.  

4. Madeline - Easy Wanderlings

This was one of the two tracks from the band's EP this year. While both the tracks were amazing, this paticular song's sixties retro classic vibes was something we really loved.  

5. Katyi Rov - Parvaaz

Okay, so Parvaaz dropped it's new album 'Kun' quite recently and after listening to every track our faith in indie music became even stronger. But this unique song surely got us spellbound. 

6. Floated By - Peter Cat Recording Co. 

Apart from the amazing saxophone and the nostalgic jazz vibes, the great thing about this song is that the entire clip is from the the lead singer's own wedding. What dedication!

7. Sage - Ritviz

This is the second song that was released after the massive hit 'udd gaye'. It was not just the catchy beats of this song but the colourful video which was a breath of fresh air. 

8. Rooh - Aswekeepsearching

This Pune-based band has continuously been working on their music and their new album Rooh is proof that the end product is magical. The transition in this track and the video is absolutely fantastic. 

9. Tired - Smalltalk

This song and the video by Short Round has a rather optimistic take on a man being tired of everything. We totally feel it. 

10. Oora Paaru - Funkutation

This funky and cool music is a take on how everyone's in a hurry all the time. While the topic might be a rather serious one, the music just makes you want to tap your feat and take it easy. 

11. Mohabbat - Kaam Bhaari

Kaam Bhaari's hip-hop take on 'mohabbat' is seriously relatable. The rawness in the video and deep lyrics will surely make this one of your favourites. 

12. Walk With Me - Taba Chake 

This is the cutest love song ever. From its lyrics to the adorable animation, everything in this song is a breath of fresh air.   

13. Deathcab - Ditty

You know that feeling of not being with someone but everything reminds you of them? Yeah, this song depicts exactly that and it's heartbreaking. 

14. Crawling - The Koniac Net

This song is from this band's third album and can we just say that it delivers when it comes to keeping our feet tapping non-stop. The song has a very fun energy to it and gives a very feel-good vibe. 

15. Nee Aara - When Chai Met Toast

Even though the lyrics of the song are in Malyalam, it does not hold you from loving this peppy band even more. 

16. Nothing For Our Own - Hanita Bhambri

Isn't it funny, when you break up, you tend to see couples literally everywhere? Well, this song depicts that in its own beautiful way. 

17. Little One - Komorebi

This song depicts Tarana's AKA Komorebi's relationship with her younger brother and it takes us right back to that nostalgia lane and reminds us of our own reationship with our siblings. 

18. Horticulturist - Your Chin

It's amazing how underrated and deep this song is at the same time. The amount of layers in this track makes it worth a listen. 

19. Machi Bhasad - Bloodywood

This mixture of Punjabi beats with metal has totally given us reasons to headband and do bhangra at the same time. 

20. PNP - Seedhe Maut 

If you're a fan of hip-hop then these raw lyrics and the sick beats will surely make you groove. 

Can't wait to find out for what's more in store.