Some call it their “greens” some refer to is as a 420 sesh, but there is more to marijuana than a lot of us know. The plant has been around for 12,000 years and so, it makes sense how it has been a part of many iconic moments in history.

Marijuana, online

Here, take a look at some super interesting facts about the 7 leaf clover and how it has been a part of the human experience for quite a while.

1. It’s the female cannabis plant that makes you high

Weed seeds that grow in female plants produce more THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) than the ones that grow in the male plant. The male species can make products like Hash, but it’s the female species that are preferred for smokable or topical products.

2. Morocco is the world’s largest producer of cannabis

Morocco produces the most amount of marijuana resin (Hashish) internationally. Hashish production has prevailed in Morocco for years, though there is growing concern about the legality of the production.

3. Cannabis can actually be used in construction

Hemp (a botanical class of Cannabis sativa cultivars) can be used in an industrial way too, to construct actually.

4. Bob Marley was buried with marijuana

The late singer and musician was buried with three things, with a football, with his guitar, and a bud of marijuana.

5. It was the first thing to be sold online

In 1972, students from Stanford University in California and MIT in Massachusetts made an online transaction using the Arpanet account at their artificial intelligence lab. Stanford students sold a small amount of marijuana using the world wide web!

6. Shakespeare may have smoked weed

Apparently, the legendary playwrite and poet used to smoke weed. William Shakespeare’s Tobacco pipe fragments tested positive for cannabis residue when it was tested by Francis Thackeray and his team from South Africa’s University of the Witwatersrand! Guess we know how he kept his creative blocks at bay.

Though these facts are interesting, if you or anyone you know is indulging in or experimenting with cannabis please read up loads and do so responsibly. There’s no shame in reaching out to health experts or doctors if you want to be well informed while doing so or seeking out any kind of professional support.