Parents are a unique breed.

Their love for us is unique.

Their care and support for us is unique

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And so are their texts. 

Yeah like, you ask them ‘Aj dinner mein kya hai?’ and they would reply ‘OK’.

You wish them ‘Happy Birthday’ and they would text ‘OK’.

And this is not it. They have a ‘OK’ even after your ‘OK’. Arey maine OK bol diya hai ab aapko vapis bolne ki jarurat nahi hai.


Moreover, they don’t care about what we want to say. They just have their reply ready – OK. And that too in Capital letters.


I remember this one time I texted my mom saying, ‘Market se kya laana hai?’ and she comfortably replied ‘OK’.

This is how it went.

Ultimately I had to call her.

Thanks to texting, our parents’ vocabulary has reduced to a single word and sometimes even a single alphabet.

They also have this habit of asking the same question every day. And that’s what our conversations with them are composed of.

And if your parents don’t fall in this category, they are surely one of those who respond only in emojis.


Their obsession with using emojis is a dangerous one. Because they just love trying different emojis.

Another favourite word of theirs is ‘Thanks’. 

I swear, I haven’t received this amount of gratitude in my entire life jitna mom dad de dete hai messages mein ‘Thanks’ bol kar


Despite everything, we know that they are cute and trying to adapt themselves to this texting thing.

But then, sometimes, the love also freaks us out.

Parents are surely taking texting to next level. Kudos to them.