When I was a kid, one of my favourite cartoons to watch after school was Tom & Jerry. Even as an adult, it still makes me laugh out loud. Originally created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, Tom & Jerry emerged during Hollywood’s golden age of animation and became one of the most popular cartoon series in existence.

Most people who watched the cartoon think Jerry was more awesome than Tom but I beg to differ. Tom was resilient, he was an evil genius but because apparently ‘evil’ never wins, his plans were always foiled by a tiny mouse.

But he never backed down, he always got up for years and years and years. And if the writers of Tom & Jerry were the people who wrote Game of Thrones the scenarios would have been so different. 


Another thing to love about Tom was that he was a player. He had game. Remember the scene he changed a curtain into a three piece suit? 

Yep, game! Remember how he blew smoke to ask his crush out? That’s some grade A game, guys.


One day he’s a chef, next day an opera singer, another day a soldier and the list goes on. 


All Tom wants is an easy life but Jerry goes out of his way to piss him off and get him in trouble and thrown out of the house. It happens over and over again and for some reason, kids enjoy that. 

I have no clue how nobody has ever realised the fact that Jerry is a little prick.


You are an elightened man when you understand that Tom was the good guy not Jerry.

“They both need each other. It’s called ‘interdependency’. And they both know it” – Francis York Morgan.

While it is true that Tom cannot be himself without Jerry, it is also quite suspicious how Jerry has been benefiting more from this relationship. Tom just wants to live his life. In fact, I see a bit of myself in Tom because all I want to do is live peaceful. In comes Jerry (Taxes, responsibilities, work, etc), and Tom’s world goes for a toss.

Maybe Tom is evil. But he is evil not because he has to be, but because Jerry has pushed him in a spot where he has to be one.