Taj Mahal aka the monument of love has been at the center of much-heated debate in the past couple of days. 

Recently the Kerala Tourism department posted this on their official Facebook page and Twitter, thanking the monument for inspiring millions to discover India. 

A lot of people, however, were quick to note that this was a veiled jibe at Uttar Pradesh. 

To put things into perspective: For the last week and a half, the ‘monument of love’ has been surrounded by many controversies as BJP MP Vinay Katiyar claimed that Taj Mahal was originally ‘Tejo Mahal’ – a temple of Lord Shiva.


Controversial BJP leader Sangeet Som had recently said the Taj Mahal, built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, was a ‘blot on Indian culture.’ The grand monument which attracts millions of foreign tourists to Agra every year was also allegedly omitted from an official tourism booklet of the state government. 

The Twitterati loved the subtle dig taken by Kerala Tourism to take on the unnecessary noise around something that symbolises peace and love.

At a time when Kerala’s ministers took multiple digs at Adityanath for ‘having the time’ to visit Kerala as his own state was plagued with problems, this tweet by Kerala Tourism seems to be a perfect clapback to the forces trying to berate the monument of love.