Remember someone tapping on your back saying ‘KHO’ and you went chasing a defender?


Back in our childhood, games period was the best hour of the entire time we spent in school. And if you did not like playing complicated sports, Kho-Kho was your go-to game.


No matter which school we were in, we have all played Kho-Kho.

No matter which city we were in, we have all played Kho-Kho.

It was that one sport, that united all Indians. So much so, that sometimes I wonder, why it is not already our national sport?


Loved for its simplicity, the game was one of the favourites for us 90s kids. It was also one of the first team sports we played as kids.

Like yeah, there was no need of expensive gear and equipment. All we needed was a piece of chalk to mark the playing area and get started.

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The only one tricky part of this game was saying ‘kho’ when we patted the other team members on their backs.

And I particularly, forgot to say ‘kho’ and ended up earning a foul for my team.

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Like any other sport, Kho-Kho also tested our strength, speed, and stamina. It was the best team activity we could indulge in, without putting in much effort.

What we didn’t realise while playing the game is that it was one of the most intelligent sports we played back then. 

We couldn’t just tap anybody’s back, it required thought and planning.


Keeping intelligence aside, kids like me used the game to seek revenge.

I remember how I used to take revenge on somebody I disliked by giving them a pat on their back. Also, because main thak jati thi bhaag bhaag ke.


Nearing extinction, several schools in India are now trying to revive the sport. And why not? It not only gave us the best playground memories but also lessons in team spirit and athletics.