The legalisation of marijuana in some parts of the United States was a much talked about affair on social media but only few know that cannabis use in India has been prevalent from as far back as 2000 to 1400 BC. Mention of cannabis use has been found in the Vedas as well. Bhang, a cannabis drink in India is consumed widely by people on the occasion of Holi and is even associated with Lord Shiva. Marijuana smoked in an earthy chillum by ascetics of certain sects is a commonly seen sight. They believe that they can reach out to divinity and transcend mundane reality with its use. 

Malana cream is one such type of famous hash known for its superior quality. Dubbed as ‘super cream’, weed worshipers make their way to the tiny ancient village of Malana in Himachal Pradesh to get the best quality stuff which is sold at prices as high as Rs.3000 for 1 tola/ 11.66 grams and for around $250 in Amsterdam coffee shops. This form of hashish is considered the purest and the best with a THC content of 30 to 40 percent and is known for the sweet happy high it gives the user. Many religiously make the trek through this lush verdant place to get the black creamy sticky substance with a sweet charcoal smell.


From expensive and rare strains of marijuana to varieties of shrooms, here are some of the famous region-specific intoxicants from different parts of India.

1. Idukki Gold, Kerala  

The stuff of legends

Stories abound about this legendary leaf from Kerala with golden brown flowers and green leaves. Available in Kerala around the 1980s, this dank was famous for its intense high. You could put it all down to genes, as this Quora user explains, that the Idukki Gold was really a hybrid offspring of a stubby potent strain already present in Kerala and a refined genetic strain brought from Europe by breeders. The result was a potent superior bud which, owing to its refined gene pool was a veritable gold mine. The weed was grown on the Kattappana hills in the Idukki district. However, the weed supply trickled and dried up by 2001. It is said that the bud is not available anymore, and the grass being sold as Idukki Gold is really weed from the Andhra-Odisha border. Tough luck folks!


2. Magic Mushrooms, Kodaikanal

*Insert Mario reference*

Nestled in the hills of the Dindigul district in Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal is famous for its sylvan beauty and its magical mushrooms. Containing hallucinogens such as psilocybin and psilocin, these magical mushrooms lend you a high similar to a LSD trip with some hallucinations. As in every trip you could probably spend a sweet 6 hours discovering yourself. But as with a lot of hallucinogens, there are chances of having a bad trip so be careful. These grow in abundance after copious bouts of rain.

3. Bombay Black Hash, Mumbai 

A hash whose reputation is more potent than the stuff. 

Bombay hash is easily available in South Mumbai to the point that dealers themselves come up to you and coax you to buy the stuff off them in Colaba. Be warned that the ingredients of the hash are widely dubious, with people claiming it has ingredients ranging from boot polish to mehendi. Several have fallen prey and regretted the experience. 


4. Kashmir Ice, Kashmir

To combat the nip in Kashmir

Very rare and hard to get, this hash is identified as dark brown on the outside and greenish on the inside with an aromatic, spicy odour. At 10-12% THC, the high is pleasant and the drag is smooth on the throat. Great for the chills of Kashmir. 


India never ceases to surprise.