As I was scrolling through my Instagram, I bumped into Poetic Outlaws — a woke AF Instagram handle with a collection of revolutionary prose and excerpts by famous pop culture figures. These posts will give you goosebumps while making you question the world.

1. Virginia Woolf has found a way to peek into our soul. 

2. Charles Bukowski has understood and voiced my pain of not being able to move on.

3. My eternal mood in two lines.

4. Peter Wessel Zapffe voices the unpopular opinion.

5. Noam Chomsky’s idea of power structure is so relevant in the wake of India’s ongoing situation.

6. Anne Lamott sheds light on the comfort of convenience.

7. ‘Trigger Warning’ ahead. 

8. John Lennon beautifully tells us why we need to be the change we wish to see. 

9. Ludwig Wittgenstein gives us some food for thought.

10. Annais Nin validating every person who don’t believe in resolutions.

11. Issac Asimov hits too close to home with his revolutionary words. 

12. Jack Kerouac gives us a reality check with his truth bombs. 

13. WH Auden has defined the state of people who choose to remain apolitical amidst political chaos.

14. Alan Watt makes us question our sanity with his words. 

15. Leo Tolstoy dropping the truth bombs. 

16. Tom Robbins sheds light on how we’re only in love with the idea and illusion of love. 

17. Jiddu Krishnamurti tries to reminds us why we should drop everything and focus on climate change. 

18. Fredrick Seidel’s words advise us how to put forward our ideas in a way that even people with differing ideologies will listen to you.

19. Christopher Hitchens has revealed the most important step towards peace and revolution. 

20. Hermann Hesse pushes us to see the sense in madness. 

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