There are certain lessons one learns the hard way. For humans, there have been many during the lockdown following the pandemic. 

In possibly the only silver lining of this struggle, people are having a realisation that things which they took for granted can be life-altering. Here we look at some of those.

1. Not wasting food/water.

With a lockdown imposed across the country, there has been a shortage of supplies and we’ve now truly realised how necessary it is to not waste food and save water because the lack of these can throw our lives off the track.

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2. Value of labour.

No job is big or small: While we always knew this, doing all the household chores ourselves has definitely made the realisation stronger. These tasks are not easy and any person helping us live a better life deserves respect.

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3. Investing in healthcare.

If there is one thing the pandemic has shown us, it’s that as citizens we must demand the government of the country to put in more money in healthcare. We desperately need more hospitals with better equipment.

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4. Spending time with family.

While it’s true that most people who have been living independently for a long time are facing some problems adapting to their old lives, it is still a privilege to be around those you love and those who love you.

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5. Keeping the Earth clean.

The nature is flourishing in our absence, with pollution levels dropping drastically and animals taking the streets. This is a clear indication of how much we have been abusing the planet and that, if we really try, things can be changed for better in a short time.

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6. Animal rights.

Not being able to travel or leave the house is getting to most of us. Well animals, forced to live in small cages, have been going through this for a long time for humans’ entertainment. So next time being at home feels suffocating, think of this:

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7. Mental health. 

Waking up to increasing fatalities with no sign of the pandemic ending in sight is tough. This has taken a toll on people’s mental health but thankfully they are willing to talk about it now.

8. All forms of art.

Books, movies, shows, music – they have become a bigger part of our lives with social activities cut down to zero. This has made us realise that when everything falls apart, we go back to art for sanity and it is more than just a means of casual entertainment.

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9. Taking care of physical health.

The fight against coronavirus is half won if the immunity of the person is great. This fact alone is making people work towards better health that involves excising, eating well and getting good amount of sleep. 

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10. Choosing the right representatives.

The fate of a nation is more or less in the hands of the government right now and it has put into perspective how important it is to elect informed, empathetic leaders who can take wise decisions.


May we remember these lessons when everything goes back to normal.