How often does it happen that you’re swiping left on an online dating app and all of a sudden a profile catches your attention, you swipe right, match with that person and they turn out to be the love of your life?  

It sounds like a modern-day fairytale, doesn’t it? While I am busy getting catfished on online dating apps, Humans of Bombay has posted a story of a same-sex couple that’ll make us believe in finding true love in the time of online dating apps. 

Humans of Bombay

The couple found each other in Chicago and surprisingly bonded over the diverse Indian culture. Two months of texting and a few meetings later, the Indian-origin man was surprised to see how much his firang love interest appreciated his culture on their first date.

While our desi boy was expecting a cup of American tea when he first visited his love interest’s house, he was pleasantly surprised by the adrak wali chai his firang soulmate fixed for him. He further elaborates on the incident: 

I was thinking I was going to get American ‘tea’. But when I walked into his house, I was hit with the smell of roasted onion and ginger-garlic! He had a round steel spice box and a pressure cooker… and when he made me tea, it was adrak chai!
Humans of Bombay

A few months later, they realised that they had found their soulmates. They decided to get married and have a traditional big fat Indian wedding. As the Indian-origin lover boy confessed to his parents, they were very happy for him and accepting of his choices. 

Humans of Bombay

Their families celebrated their ‘unconventional’ love with all the traditional ceremonies. The desi father of the groom raised to toast to their homosexual, interracial relationship. And said a few heartwarming words: 

If you have a child love them and understand them, if you don’t understand them, then love them more. 
Humans of Bombay

Our desi groom further digs into his past and tells us how he wasn’t always accepted for his sexuality. He unravels how his struggles coming out were similar to any other person. He further added: 

Getting to where we are today hasn’t been easy — I’ve been sent to therapy to ‘get better’ and I’ve had priests and aunties pray for my soul
Humans of Bombay

But he believed that whatever happened in the past, led him to the love of his life. In fact, the next time this ‘IT’ couple came to India, they were given a grand Indian swagat and showered with love. In fact, his desi family is way more accepting of Andrew now. 

Humans of Bombay

This couple and their understanding, accepting family is a ray of hope for everyone who resides in a society where homosexuality is stilL looked down upon. 

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“I was swiping away on a dating app when I came across Andrew. I couldn’t figure out anything from his photo. But when we matched, conversation came easily–he loved Indian culture. I was living in Chicago & I missed home, so I could share my excitement for spicy food. But he sounded too good to be true! 2 months of texting later, our first date was over a bowl of Ramen! When he invited me over for tea, I was expecting American ‘tea’, but when I walked into his home, I was hit with the smell of ginger-garlic! He had a steel spice box & when he made me tea, it was adrak chai! I felt comfortable with him–we were so similar in our beliefs. In 9 months, the universe played its role–our rents were coming to an end so we moved in together! I’d even make us dabbas with dal & chawal for lunch! The decision to get married was simple–we’d found our soulmates in each other! We flew out to India to tell my parents & they organized a south Indian banana leaf meal to celebrate us. We got married in June 2019 & had a huge celebration–we had a Haldi, a Sangeet & a black tie party! After all, you only get married to the love of your life once! Our family & friends helped us organize it all–we were surrounded by so much love. One of the best moments was when my dad raised a toast & said, ‘If you have a child love & understand them, if you don’t understand them, then love them more.’ Our wedding was perfect! But getting to where we are today wasn’t easy–I’ve been sent to therapy to ‘get better’ & I’ve had priests pray for my soul. But all of it has led me to him, so it was worth it. The first time we went to India after our marriage was so lovely. There was an Indian swagat & we were showered with so much love. Our families accepted us beautifully–my mom always asks about him when I talk to her & the same goes for his family. I don’t know what the future holds, but that doesn’t frighten me–because a love like ours was meant to be. We’re going to continue making Bollywood playlists, we’ll always come home to adrak-wali-chai… & we’ll always fall asleep knowing that when we wake up, ‘we’ will still be there tomorrow & every single day for the rest of our lives.”

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