There’s way too many good things that I could hark on and on about when it comes to Kerala, but we can all agree on the fact that a visit isn’t complete without at least one legitimate houseboat experience. It’s a secluded, undisturbed and highly rewarding journey, and the fantastic views are just one of the upsides. There’s also usually some killer local cuisine on board, and the whole thing is just a good, rejuvenating time. It also helps that houseboats nowadays are just ridiculously great-looking on the inside, and can offer almost every luxury known to man. They’ve got TVs, jacuzzis, lounges and some amazing food, all inside these lovely machines! And obviously, don’t forget the view!

You won’t believe that these are the interiors of some of Kerala houseboats! Check it out!

Damn, now that’s a view!

Sleeping on this bed while gently flowing along the water sounds like all I ever want to.

Those couches look like the perfect place to relax and sip a beer!

I’m sure there’s some delicious prawn in that tasty spread!

Night-time on here would be magical!

If you always wanted to live in a palace on the water, here you go!

So what are you waiting for? Take a quick look at this magnificent vista below and hop onto one of these fantasy rides pronto!