Carlos Muniz, 41, was all set to marry his fiance Grace, when he contacted Covid-19. Which meant that he had to be hospitalised and put into the ICU for treatment. His health was deteriorating constantly.

However, amid this crisis, he made a big decision. He decided to get married from the hospital bed on August 11.

And there it was: An unusual wedding which has since been in news and as brought a smile on millions of faces.

It was his nurse who proposed the idea to Carlos and he immediately talked about it to Grace. After her nod, the hospital made special arrangements for the couple and allowed them to call their immediate family members. 

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Live streaming of the ceremony was also done for relatives who could not attend it.

In an interview given to KSAT, his nurse said:

This wedding is really important for us as the care team of this patient. We’ve seen some victories, but we’ve had our losses. It was very special for us to be a part of and has been a big motivator for this team. It shows COVID-19 really can’t stop love.

And the best news is that he is already started doing better. Carlos has tested negative for Covid-19 and even though he has to stay in the hospital for recovery, he has been taken off the machine that were helping him with breathing.

His nurse says it is because he has a new motivation to fight, now.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

You can watch the video of their wedding here: