Most of us have been working from homes for almost a year. And while we do not know when offices will reopen, people working at Microsoft India’s Noida office are surely in for an incredible visual treat whenever they return to work.


Microsoft launched its new India Development Centre (IDC) facility at Noida, the design of which looks like a luxury hotel.

Did someone say it looks more like the Taj Mahal?

Wait, actually it’s both and none of them at the same time.

Spread across the top three floors of a six-storey building in Noida, Microsoft’s new workspace is an amalgamation of India’s historical culture and corporate values.

Inspired by the architectural marvel, Taj Mahal, the work space is designed in ivory white with jaali work, arches, domes and everything magnificent.

Talking about the new office, Rajiv Kumar, managing director, Microsoft IDC, said:

In order to attract the best talent from the country, you have to go to the places where they are. So, we started in the middle of the country when we opened Hyderabad center, and then went south with the Bengaluru center. My vision to create the Noida center was to attract the best talent that graduates from some of the world-class engineering and management institutions in the country’s north.

The new workspace is a visual treat on one hand and full of modern infrastructure on the other.

Who wouldn’t want to work here, right? Netizens are already curious about how to get in there.

I am going to put that engineering degree to use now.