We’re the generation that moved too quickly from SMSes to Whatsapp conversations, and as we evolved our language evolved too. From typing “Dats so awsum” as an SMS to “That shizz is dope!” on WhatsApp, we, the millennials have played with language more than any generation ever has. We’ve twisted spellings, we’ve given a whole new meaning to words and we’ve come up with some ridiculous words as well. 

I, for one, hate writing short forms and unapologetically judge people who use them everywhere. I mean, I still need to spell out ICYMI in my head to understand what it actually means. That’s how 2000 late I am!

But with Twitter’s 140 character limit, and everyone being super busy all the time, who’s got time for proper English anymore? Moreover, when short forms are the only thing you see across the web world, it becomes impossible to stay on fleek with the times, without knowing the new millennial language. 

The lingos are evolving at super sonic speed, so if you want to stay up to date here are all new words you need to know.

Here’s to upping the lingo game! 

Sick designs by Anmol Gambhir.