It’s an unprecedented time in human existence, and no, I’m not talking about the pandemic. I’m talking about how the world’s richest people have gotten exponentially richer over the last few months, even as millions of people have lost their jobs, faced pay cuts, and much worse. Jeff Bezos hit $200 billion. Elon Musk hit $100 billion. And yet I still accept chocolate instead of change. Here’s a few facts about billionaires that might help you understand the situation better.

1. There are 2095 billionaires in the world as of March 2020. 

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2. Their combined net worth is $8 trillion.


3. That makes their wealth greater than 60% of the entire world’s population.


4. If you earn $100,000 a month, you will be a $ billionaire in the year 2853.


5. The richest billionaire in the world – Jeff Bezos – makes $2,489 every second. It might be considerably more now since Amazon stocks skyrocketed.


6. Billionaires tend to spend around $80 million dollars in a year.


7. MacKenzie Scott is the world’s richest woman, with a net worth of $68 billion.


8. 4 billion of the world’s poorest people have less wealth than the world’s 8 richest people.

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9. The most common first jobs for billionaires were salesperson, software developer, stock trader and analyst.

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10. More billionaires live in New York City than any other city in the world. 92, to be precise.


11. JK Rowling was the first author to become a billionaire. She joined the club in 2004, but fell off it due to donations she made to different organizations such as the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

JK Rowling

12. The inheritance that the world’s 500 richest people will pass down over the next 20 years is estimated to be about $2.4 trillion.


13. Chuck Feeney, co-founder of the Duty Free Shoppers Group, secretly gave away $9 billion dollars over the years.

The news only broke out after a business dispute led to the revelation that he was literally trying to go broke by giving all his money away in philanthropic efforts.

Chuck Feeney

Oh, and they all watched Hera Pheri.