Here are a few mehendi designs to give you ideas for that perfect henna stain to rock during wedding season.

Jewellery-inspired henna styles have taken the internet by storm.


Then there are Arabic mehendi designs with simple patterns of lines, flowers, dots and leaves.


Minimalistic mehendi designs are to die for.


Moroccan mehendi designs, the ones that are slightly geometric in nature, are pure sophistication.


If you like your mehendi to fill your hand, but not be a ‘handfull’.

Indian mehendi design with peacock, mango, leaf, and other nature-inspired motifs.

Indo-Arabic henna design with the simplicity of Arabic henna motifs and the creativity of Indian mehendi patterns.

Well, well, well. What do you think of ‘bel‘? Extending from your finger nail to your wrist, these elegant creeper designs are an all-time favourite.

If creepers aren’t your thing, then try henna designs limited to your fingers only.

Single-patterned mehendi designs are easy to make and look lovely.

This minimal creeper mehendi design is something you can even try doing yourself.

Phone pe baatein karein apne left hand se, right hand pe mehendi lagayein.