20s is a cool age. You are carefree and fun-loving in the beginning, as you get to the mid-20s you start taking responsbilities for your actions and by the time you finish your 20s, you have a lot of life lessons.

Overall, it’s the age of fun and learning. Learning from our mistakes. Because they say mistakes made in this age impact us the most. A Reddit user asked people what’s the worst mistake we don’t realise we are making in our 20s and the thread is now the greatest collection of mistakes we make in our 20s.

1. Top tip.

 Not saving enough money. Pay yourself first. Don’t work the rest of your life. 


2. Do I still have time?

 Not eating right and exercising. The heart attack you have at 50 doesn’t just magically show up.  



3. Binge-watching kab karenge phir?

Not getting enough sleep or not having a good sleep schedule. 


4. Oh, tell me about it.

Binge drinking. It’s a very easy spiral to go down if you aren’t careful. 



5. And I am just 25.

Treating their body like it’s a rental. Look after it. You will be living in this body for many years to come. Don’t burn out the clutch by 27 and live with the consequences for 60 more years. 


6. Time to move out of my comfort one.

Sticking to a career they hate because that’s what they chose to do when they were 16-18 years old. It’s never too late to change your career path and if you’re not enjoying it now do you think that will change in another 20-30 years? 



7. Nothing is permanent.

Thinking this is the person they’ll be forever. Thinking this is the person they will be with forever. You are not who you were at 20 when you turn 40. No one ever is.


8. Looking for fitness motivation once again.

Getting out of shape. Developing unhealthy eating habits can dramatically hurt your quality of life. 



9. BRB, going to ask for chhutti.

Worrying about their shitty job, use that time off. Go on that trip. 


10. Bad time begins 1, 2, 3…

If you aren’t taking dental hygiene seriously in your 20s, you are going to have a bad time later in life. 

11. Sab kuch to dekh liya hai life mein.

Thinking that they have finished maturing. 


12. Exercise, what’s that?

Quitting exercise, especially if you just work a desk job and play video games in your spare time. 



13. It’s called self-love.

Not being selfish enough. Spent most of my twenties trying to please other people, in relationships and so on. Do more things for yourself. 


14. It’s been 84 years now.

Getting comfortable in your current job, while also not making plans to increase your skills to qualify for the next role. 


15. As simple as that.

Not investing. 


16. Darr ke aage jeet hai.

Staying with someone because you’re too scared to leave – fear of being alone, fear of not being able to find anyone better for you or fear of hurting their feelings.  



17. Grandparents are the sweetest people.

Not spending time with elders. They will be gone sooner than you know it and you will never get that chance back. 


18. 30s are the new 20s.

Think that their 20s is the only time they can have fun. 


19. It’s okay to seek help.

Not speaking about mental health and asking help. 

20. Peer pressure is real

Marrying their stupid boyfriend/girlfriend because “we’re 27 and everyone else is doing it, might as well do it also.” 


21. Coz kal ho na ho.

Rushing into commitment. 



22. Here we are thinking of going back to that time.

Thinking they have plenty of time. 


23. Welcome to adulthood.

Compromising for the wrong relationship. Yes, you can do better! 


24. Work-life balance.

Working too much and letting their most carefree years pass by. Your employer doesn’t give a shit about you and skipping family functions and other life events to work is a waste of your life. You’ll never get this time back. Travel, visit your family, etc. 



25. Wear your confidence.

Not being confident. You probably look the best you ever will in your life. Rock it. 


26. Realised this during the COVID lockdown.

Not living with your parents in your early twenties. A lot of people want to move out of their parents’ house right away because they want to be independent, which is fair, but living with your parents is a great way to save money and have a head start when you do move out. 


Asian Age

27. We are shit scared of going to a doctor.

Not getting their blood tested at least annually. All of a sudden, when you’re 40 and you get a test done, you realize you have a whole host of issues that could have SO EASILY been prevented had you known 20 years earlier. 


28. Take care of your skin responsibly.

 Tanning. The skin damage is permanent. 



29. To chill or to not chill.

Being constantly worried and stressed about your life. Chill out. You have the rest of your adult life to do that. Right now, enjoy yourself and your friends and your experiences. Make memories. 


30. Think about the people near you also yaar.

Listening to fucking loud music, constantly. Show your ears some respect. 



How many of these do you relate to? Or did you have ideal 20s?

Responses have been compiled from this Reddit thread.