Who knew 2020 will turn out like this? That we will not be able to see our loved ones, step out of our houses and there will always be a fear looming in our heads. 

The answer is no one – and while I remind myself that I am lucky to be privileged in many ways, there are things from the ‘normal life’ that I miss a lot. On the top of that list are my friends. So, I listed out some things that I would have cherished more, had I known this is how the year will go. *Sigh* 

1. Hugging each other. 

This one hits. Yes, they are there with me through video and phone calls, but some problems only get solved by a long, meaningful hug.

2. Talking face to face till the break of dawn after making plans of ‘leaving early’.

I’ll leave by 10. 


No, kal office hai. 

Stay na, go from my place. 



Umm, it’s 3 AM. You’re staying. 


3. Eating from the same plate (read box).

Kaun bartan kare?


4. Just being in the same room minding our own business. 

I miss this a lot. The comfort of knowing that your friend is right next to you, with no obligation to socialise or anything like that.

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5. Five people sitting in the back of the car because who is going to take a cab?

Ho jaayenge fit, khisko toh.

EJ Pratt Library

6. Reaching each other’s houses at odd hours. 

Too drunk to go to your own house? Go to friend’s. Too late to go to your own house? Go to friend’s. Want to ‘spend time’ with boyfriend after date night? Go to friend’s. 

I miss my second home. 


7. Pillion riding. 

I want to fight about ‘who forgot the helmet’, again.


8. Playing sports. 

Football grounds are waiting, so are the cricket picthes.


9. Sharing sutta/joint. 

Imagine putting something in your mouth and then passing it on to someone else. 

That sounds wrong. 

But also, imagine!

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(Having said that, don’t smoke).

10. Cooking maggi late at night because you’re broke. 

Well, actually, you don’t need any reason for this. Maggi is an emotion which can be evoked whenever and you must entertain it. 

Sookhi banaun ki geeli?

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Someone give me a tissue.