Getting high on the ganj can involve a lot more than just sitting on your couch and impressing your friends with quasi-profound statements. Weed can have extremely varied effects on people, after all, our minds might be wired similar, but at the same time, they’re all pretty damn different. This of course, has given rise to a lot of commonly asked questions regarding the herb.

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1. Can holding in the smoke for longer get me higher?

Not really. Contrary to what most of our stoner mentors told us, holding in a hit doesn’t make much of a difference, since more than 95% of the THC is absorbed into the system within seconds of inhaling. Breathe easy y’all.


2. Can smoking before exercising increase endurance?

While it might sound totally counterproductive, exercising while high is actually a pretty great idea. Cannabis raises metabolism, helps with muscle recovery after the workout, increases endurance and stamina, and reduces anxiety (in some cases). Radical!


3. Can I get addicted to weed?

Disregard this repetitive rhetoric of the conservative masses since time immemorial! Sweet Mary Jane is in no way physically addictive, and causes no withdrawal or other nasty side-effects when discontinuing use. It can however, lead to a bit of a mental dependency, the same kind a lot of people have regarding coffee.


4. How can I reduce my high quicker?

There may come a time when it’s not ideal that you be stoned, such as in front of your folks or while giving a speech. Downing some cold AF water or juice, having a citrus fruit or spicy food can really help mellow your high. Personally, a cold bath really helps!


5. What is the ideal amount I should smoke at a given time?

Unfortunately, this really depends from person to person, as a lot of folks build up a tolerance. For a first-timer, 8-10 drags of a joint should be a good indicator of things to come. Make sure the mix isn’t packed though, or you’re gonna need a whole lotta citrus!


6. How do I reduce my anxiety when I’m stoned?

I would suggest smoking less, but in case if you’ve taken one toke too many, try not to get overwhelmed, pop a juice and focus on the fact that nothing overtly serious is going to happen and that it’s all in your head. Tell yourself the anxiety will pass soon, because in about 20 minutes, it totally will!


There you go, a few pertinent questions answered to make your next sesh the primo experience it always should be!