The couple sold all kind of food items like Pohas, Upma, Parathas, Idli. But the woman felt like there was something different about them. They seemed from a well-off background and didn’t look like they needed money from a gig like this. 

A Facebook post of a woman who was scouting for good street food recently went viral. It was about a couple selling street food right outside Kandivali station. 


So, she asked the couple about why are they selling food on the streets and they answered with quite a heartwarming reply, 

We are selling stuff cooked by our maid who is 55 years old and whose husband is down with Paralysis. 

They also mentioned that they are doing this so that they can support their cook who is too old to support her husband financially. They didn’t want her to keep working for financial aid so they wanted to do something to help her.

The couple also added that they work from 4 am to 10 am and then head to work.   

Such is the inspiration we all need in our lives.