Sure, now that Diwali is over, you don’t know what to do with you life. But, to lift that pall of gloom and cheer you right up, here are some pictures of Nepalese Kukur TiharAKA the Diwali of dogs.

Kukur Tihar is a part of a five-day long festival, Tihar, where dogs are honoured by placing garlands around their neck, adorning their foreheads with a Tika or red vermilion.


These smol dogs, wearing even smol garlands is just what we needed to get through the day.


This day of the dogs is based on the belief that dogs are the messengers of Yamaraj, the mythological God of Death. And by keeping the dogs in their favour, they can gratify the God of Death.


Look at this good police boi, being honoured and rightly so.

The HImalayan

The festival, as paralleled to Diwali in North India, is called the festival of lights, and it’s celebrated by drawing rangoli, lighting lamps, and praying to Goddess Laxmi.


The festival honours dogs, both pet and stray alike, by offering them food.

The Himalayan

Kukur Tihar acknowledges the special relationship between humans and dogs, according to Wikipedia.

OMG Nepal

Not just dogs, but this festival even worships cows, crows, and ravens.

Social Post

Here are some latest visuals from this year’s celebrations.

What a stark contrast, though. Here, we are scaring our dogs and other animals to death, by bursting crackers. Hmph.