Dal-chawal is the go-to comfort food for most of us. If you’re feeling lazy, happy, sad or if you just want to eat something light and filling, a hot plate of dal-chawal is the answer to most of our problems. 


Well, it seems like this staple Indian dish has now gone global. And, I am not joking. 

Recently, food writer and television cook Nigella Lawson posted a picture of a hot, delicious bowl of dal-chawal on her Instagram page hoping to get the recipe of this soul-soothing dish. 

In her post, she tagged an Instagram user named Nitin Prakash who created the dish that she posted on her handle and asked him if he would share the recipe with her.

And, within minutes Indians flooded the comments section by declaring their love for dal-chawal and what it really means to them.

For us Indians dal-chawal has been our bae for centuries. It’s the ultimate comfort food and it’s the easiest to prepare too. lt is also one of the most versatile dishes that goes well with anything, be it papad or a bowl of mint chutney. It’s divine!

In fact, in 2019 this dish was also termed as the ‘Wonder Diet’ that can save the world from a food crisis. Undoubtedly, dal-chawal holds a special place in all our hearts and we are glad others are enjoying the dish as much as we do.