Many people are afraid of the dark, and with good reason – that’s where the shadow people live! You might be a skeptic who only looks at ghost stories as a fun activity to do while on vacation in the hills or something, but others swear that they’ve encountered all manner of frightful and foul.

Consider the Nishi Dak, an insidious night spirit that calls out to its victims using the voice of someone close to them. Once the person is close enough, it takes their life.

Using the voice of a loved one? Now that sounds like a creepy monster. Imagine walking home on a lonely night and hearing your sweet, old grandma calling out to you. You follow the voice and boom, grandma’s up to no good, taking your life and all that.

The Nishi Dak initially appears slightly far away, so the victim has no choice but to follow. It leads them to a deserted area before revealing its true, terrifying form. 

So yeah, once you’ve reached the abandoned warehouse or wherever the Nishi has decided to take you, it’s time to say your prayers and post your last Instagram story. 

The one weakness of the Nishi Dak however, is that it can only call out your name two times. So if you want to keep living, then whatever you do – don’t answer the Nishi Dak.

That’s right, this isn’t any old kiddie nightmare. This is a complex being that has all kinds of layers to its personality. It would be interesting to chat with the Nishi Dak, if it wasn’t a murderous monster of course.


Nishi Dak essentially translates to ‘The Call of the Dark’ in Bengali. So if you hear your crush calling your name in the middle of the night, don’t answer. Just let her go, bro.

Coast to Coast

Anyway, that’s the tale of the Nishi Dak, a creature that takes advantage of your weaknesses to kill in the dark of the night. Happy sleeping!