There is a lot of truth in the saying ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’, and Vincent Bal is the person who reaffirms it. A Belgian filmmaker and doodler, Vincent creates art not using colours or paint brushes, but by almost partially taking pareidolia to the next level. He beholds shadows and creates doodles so interesting you’ll be wow-ed over. 

Here are a few works of his wonderful imagination.

The long and windin’ road.

When Pinocchio met Trump.

Your face when your jam’s on.

Does that little figurine look like a Bishop, or is it just us?

“Oye DJ, base badha, base!”



Nailed it!

The stories one can tell through shadows.

Duck-ing the police.

That was bloody delicious!

Concert in a bubble wrap.

Totally diggin’ the head gear.

Film noir, much?

Pun it through pictures!

The tooth fairy stole your teeth to make up for hers. No wonder she paid.

Looks like he got jellyfish for a parachute.

That’s just genius!

Again, genius!

“Any more pencils to be done?”

In the shadows…

Don’t get the whole green sunset jazz, but okay.

Car chargers and cooking…

…or pens and Cleopatra, all can be found in the shadows.

They’re so good I would never move the object from their place!