Have you ever made a cup of tea on a rainy evening, only to realise that you are all out of rusk? The sheer horror. 


In Indian households, rusk is an emotion. That crunchy, crispy and sometimes – jaw breaking piece of biscuit/bread is what the family bonds over during evening chai breaks. 

And when you accidentally break it in the chai because you dipped it for too long? You understand what loss truly feels like. Because nothing quite compares to the perfection of fresh rusk that smells like vanilla essence. 

We’ve all eaten too much of this at one point though. When you start with just one piece, but stop when the box is empty. It’s a rabbit hole. 

What I did not know is that there are over 24 countries which are equally in love with rusk and it makes complete sense. Who wouldn’t be? It smells like winter mornings and feels like ma ka pyar

I’m not the only one who gets poetic over rusk. 

Unpopular opinion – Cake rusk is so much better than normal rusk. Maybe it’s because cake rusk is the perfect blend of soft on the inside and crunchy on the inside or maybe because I just really love empty calories. 

Brb, the chai’s getting cold.