Over all these years, movies have made us believe that pyaar aur jang mein sab kuch jayaz hai.  Tbh, it’s not.

Everyone has their own way of expressing love and romance. But there are certain things that people find really creepy because romance doesn’t always have to be over the top.


Reddit user asked people what is something that’s considered romantic but is actually creepy and trust me your definition of romance will change after reading their responses.

1. Don’t do this.

Standing outside someone’s house and refusing to leave until they agree to go out with you/forgive you for something.


2. Is it really possible to love someone at first sight?

“Love at first sight”. I saw you, I decided I love you and you will be mine. Now I do everything I can to make you agree and love me too.



3. Yeh sab movies mein hi hota hai.

Almost every romantic speech in a movie/film. They sound so awesome on screen, but if you ever try anything similar in real life it is so creepy.


4. Too dramatic?

I’m being a bit dramatic maybe, but public proposals, and specificallly stuff like football stadium proposals.



5. And we collectively thought it was cute.

Watching someone sleep. I’ve seen it romanticized many times in love stories, but when it happens in real life it can be unsettling. Oh, and most people look really goofy when they sleep.


6. Giving each other their space is important.

Wanting to spend every second with that person. Both people in the relationship need to have their own thing and have their own space.



7. Stalking?

When they know too many things about you without telling them.


8. What do you think about getting anyonymous notes?

I think that anonymous notes saying how much you love that person is kinda creepy, but most people think it’s cute.



9. How many gifts are too many?

Excessive gifting. I had a suitor who would always give me stuff no matter how much I had dissuaded him. Telling him that I didn’t want to go out with him didn’t stop the gifts; in fact, the gifts became more expensive even after I have told him no.


10. This is outrightly creepy.

Coming in through someone’s bedroom window without calling them, it doesn’t matter if that person is your partner or a stranger, you dont know what they’re doing hell they might not even be home. Just don’t do it, it’s creepy.


11. Next level intrusion.

I had a guy randomly email me on my work email saying he heard from a friend of his I was single and I should call him. He thought he was being cute but tracking down my work email to send me his number was creepy.


12. Are you an eye-contact person or not?

Prolonged eye contact. I have trouble making eye contact already with my social anxiety so I get uncomfortable when couples just stare at each other.



13. Kitchen romance, anyone?

Trying to hug me for any length of time, especially more then a couple of seconds, when I’m trying to cook.  


14. It’s cringe.

It’s honestly a personal opinion but I feel very uncomfortable about couples calling each other “baby”. I know I don’t want to be called that for sure.



15. Just another way of expressing love.

Tongue kissing. 


16. Anything and anyone disturbing sleep could be creepy.

Kissing someone as they sleep.

What romantic gesture do you find creepy?

All responses have been taken from this Reddit thread.