Living away from your home means dealing with landlords. From house-hunting to finally finding one, we come across so many weird conditions, questions and requests put forward by landlords in India.

Someone on Reddit asked, “What’s the weirdest thing a landlord has requested you?” and it seems landlords can really be a pain in the ass.

1. This is one of the most commonly asked questions or requests made by landlords in India.

Once a potential landlord asked us (all bachelors just out of college) if we consumed non-veg and liquor. We didn’t take that place.

2. The last minute conditions/requests they add.

My friend was looking at apartments for lease. They were about to sign the contract when the landlord added some conditions like no gatherings/house parties, no visitor parking, no one is allowed to enter the terrace, no entry after 10PM. PS: My friend works 2-11 PM. 

3. When landlords encroach upon your rented space.

My friend’s landlord once asked him to open his apartment to people so that they can use his apartment’s balcony as entrance and exit because he lived alone and could use just one of the 2 rooms, as per the landlord. 

4. Why do they always have to come up with new conditions once you sign the agreement.

One of the landlords disclosed these weird conditions only after we completed the registration work and made the payments. 
No female visitors.
No male visitors after 10 PM.
Written permission to be sought one week prior if family members are visiting. 
Mandatory annual brokerage (even if we were living there for 2 years). 

5. At times, they consider it okay to visit and stay at the home they’ve already rented to someone.

A friend rented a flat in Pune and the owner told them that he may visit the flat and stay for a few days once every month. He even added a similar clause in the agreement. First 2 months nothing then he stayed straight for 3 months. 

6. You need to match their food choices.

 Asked us to not eat eggs or meat. 

7. Even an independent flat can feel like a PG or trap with such landlords.

We were about to confirm when the landlady told us there is a metal grill door separating the floors and she locks it at night, basically trapping us on the third floor. When asked why, she said: “to stop boys from coming to your house at night”. I said, “What if there is a fire, and we need to escape? What if I’m working late? What if there is an emergency and we need to leave?” She shrugged.  

8. Why don’t landlords understand that pets are our family?

I had a tough time finding a place to live because I had a pet cat. When I finally found one, the landlord asked me to keep my cat inside all the time.

9. They ask you to share the rented space with their family.

I rented a 2BHK flat and was living alone for a long time. One day my landlord messaged me saying humari beti aa rahi hai Canada se she will be staying in the house. Ek room vacate kar do. What shocked me is they didn’t feel the need to ask me about it.

10. When they are away, you automatically have to take care of things.

My landlords shifted to a new place. They did not change their address and kept on asking me to collect their bills for a long time.

What’s the most weird thing your landlord has asked you?