If you have any tattoo experiences or exciting stories to share, we’d surely like to hear them out. 

We asked people about their first tattoo experience and not everyone was equally elated after getting their first one.  For some, it was their first independent decision and for some, a reason to accept that they’ve hit adulthood. 

Atul Gupta
Raunaq Bhatti
Srishti Magan
Redditor psbear64
Rohit Bhattacharya
Aishwarya Dharni
Simran Ahuja
Nitin Sharma
Binoy Baruah
Runjhun Samarawala
Sparsh Mudgal
Redditor Zopeykins
Pratik Sinha
Redditor Jeherohaku
Redditor Wonderweeble

Illustrations by: Kumar Sonu