We all run out of luck sometimes. And if you think you have had the worst, we are here to make you feel better.

Because no matter how bad your day is, it might be nothing compared these poor souls.

1. This person whose food was dropped at the door, literally by the delivery boy.

Source: MoeHabibi

2. This 'I Love You' printed balloon dumped in a trash can.

Source: jeanheff

3. This person whose car was ruined by paint.

Source: liptonbillson

4. These poor little chocolate penguins.

Source: Adamwangker

5. This person who brought a lot of crabs from vacation but the container breached en route.

6. This boy who asked his mom to shave hair around his ears but she put the razor too high so he had to go bald.

Source: Merlijntouw

7. This person who forgot Ibuprofen capsules in the car and they got stuck like this:

Source: Geministwin20

8. This person who came home to his 3-year-old fixing his laptop.

Source: PharmacistDude

9. This one whose 8-year-old daughter got angry and painted the entire furniture with permanent marker and acrylic colours.

Source: cwolfe1012

10. This person whose entire workplace was flooded.

11. This person who got his tooth removed - the wrong one.

Source: Vorelover1224

12. The person who unplugged his device and this happened.

Source: CreamerCreamer

13. This person whose shaving cream lid opened and foamed in the box.

Source: TangledTowers

14. This guy who was baking a birthday cake for his girlfriend.

Source: rkrueger18

15. This person whose cat ate his earphones.

Source: GoneToGetCoffee

16. This person's pan lid that just exploded while in the cupboard.

Source: Ikhlas37

17. This person who was stung by a wasp trapped under his wrist watch.

Source: astridius

18. This person who ordered a cloud lamp but received shit, instead.

Source: jenny_theslut

19. This person who forgot beer bottles in the freezer.

Source: Dippy0Dew

20. This person, whose bird picked up each and every laptop key, from the keyboard obviously.

Source: Jktranz

21. This woman who ordered a fake predator for scaring away geese in her lawn.

Source: Kaltastic84

22. This person who ordered one medium and one large fries. 

Source: graflig

23. Someone who forgot to remove the plastic lid from the Pyrex dish before placing it in the oven.

Source: TastesLikeStatic

24. This person whose AC unit exploded a few feet away from him.

Source: komodobitchking

25. This guy whose mum broke his keyboard because he used it 5 minutes extra the previous night.

Source: Esmyt18

Feeling better, aren't you?