India is the land of diversity, with languages, landscapes and looks changing every few hundred miles.

Driving home this point is Nat Geo’s Polish photographer Magdalena Bagrianow who travelled across the country and took pictures of locals in their native surroundings, which adds to authenticity and rawness.

The central theme of her series seem to be the eyes and uninhibited looks.

And she has not tampered the moods and expressions of the locals, as most of them look into the camera with ferocity and enviable fearlessness.

Magdalena took most of the shots during the day, bringing out the hundred different colours of India in full glory. 

A major chunk of these photos was taken in and during Pushkar Mela, which is an annual livestock and cultural fair held in Pushkar, Rajasthan.

Apart from the portraits, she also clicked pictures of monuments and buildings, giving them character with angles and light. 

Truly, a gift for the senses.

All pictures taken from Magdalena Bagrianow’s Instagram account.