With all kinds of fancy phones in our hands, clicking pictures has become our daily routine, right? From clicking selfies to filtered pictures of nature, smartphones have turned all of us into photographers.

However, most of us are unaware of the technicalities of photography. 

Yes, it is a tricky subject but still, who wouldn’t want to achieve a certain perfection in their pictures! But if you have been hesitant to buy the gear or accessories that you want because of the cost, save some money and go the DIY way! 

Here are 15 DIY hacks that’ll certainly give your pictures that professional touch you so badly want: 

1. Forced perspective

Zoom-in into a specific object to get this effect. 

For example: even though the shoe is not directly on top of the stones, thanks to the stones being far away, it is giving you the same effect. 


2. Top-down shots

Make a phone-holder with some cardboard and stick-ons and you are sorted for that elusive Insta-perfect shot.


 Amazed by the outcome, aren’t you? 


3. DIY macro studio 

This can easily be made with some table lamps!


4. DIY Tripod 

A simple solid material which can hold your camera can be your tripod for life. 

5. Plastic bag as a diffuser

Placed right above the lens, plastic bags can result in magical pictures! 


See it for yourself:


6. Bokeh effect

Cut out your own favorite shape, place it on the camera and you’ll be amazed at the result!


7.  Brilliant shadow effects  

Use these to get outdoor lighting even though you’re shooting indoors!


8. Arty filters

Using colorful plastic bags can give desired pictures.


9. Vaseline effect 

Applying Vaseline on the edges of the lens is another hack you must try. Especially if you like slightly blurry images!


10. Black tile for product photography


11. Colourful filter

Without causing any damage to the lens, apply tape and color it accordingly to have some wonderful colour effects. 

Olivier Schmitt

12. Wind-swept effect

Who needs the wind when you have a hair-dryer instead! 


13. Matchstick lighting

Using a burning matchstick in front of the lens can also give you great lighting!  


14. Make your own haze

All you need is a plastic bag, put on the side of the lens. 


15. White sheet as a reflector


Feel like a professional photographer already?