India is a rich country in terms of its history, cultural diversity and evolution as a potential superpower. At times, we might struggle with holding onto traditional values and moving forward with modernization, but irrespective of everything else, we all take pride in our country.

Each place, festival and developmental milestone evokes thousands of emotions in all of our hearts. 

And these pictures tracing our journey till now will do the same:

1. ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) 

Our first ISRO satellite Apple on a bullock cart in 1981. That was a humble beginning.

India Times

And now, the limit is beyond the sky!

The Wire

2. Education in India

CMS College Kottayam, our first ever college in 1817.


Fast forward to today, and our institutes provide world-class education in every field.

Indian Express

3. Healthcare

Did you know our first medical institution, Government General Hospital, Chennai dates back to 1664?!

And now we have all sorts of healthcare facilities, ranging from complex surgeries to other treatments right in our country.

Need Finder

4. Howrah Bridge

Quite spectacular how the nation rejoiced the unveiling of our no nuts and bolts suspension bridge in 1943.

Reckon Talk

And now its the identity of Kolkata, The City of Joy.


5. Indian Railways

This was our first passenger train. Can you imagine how far we’ve come?!

Me Mumbai

As per the service of Indian Railways, more than 23 million passengers travel in over 13,000 trains daily. 

Just last year, the Talgo Train with a speed of 180 km per hour was tested between Mathura and Palwal and will soon run on our tracks!

Amazing India

6. Victoria Terminal Mumbai

Headquarters of Central Railway and an architectural splendor of 1888 we all still boast of!


Just see how magnificent it looks even after enduring a brutal terror attack.


7. Indian Army

We are the second largest army in the world and back in the day, our jawans fought with minimal weapons. 

Indian Express

Now we have artillery and heavy machinery for these patriotic souls who give the country all they’ve got.

Defence Reporter

8. Indian Airlines

Tata Airlines was launched in 1932 and the first flight was piloted by JRD Tata himself. Amazing, isn’t it?


And then came many more! Today we are on the road to becoming one of the largest aviation markets.

Indian Express

9. Rashtrapati Bhavan, Delhi

This is how the presidential residence of world’s largest democracy looked like in the beginning.

Thynk Feed

Today, it’s a sought after tourism site and adds to our heritage.


10. General Elections

The first elections in India democratically elected our first Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru in 1952.

Photo Division

Today, as many as 814.5 million people are eligible to utilize their right to vote. 


11. Connaught Place, Delhi

The Heart of Delhi in the olden days was as regal as it is today. Right?

India Times

And even today, CP is our all-time favorite hangout and shopping area.


12. Press

Did you know Indian print media started like this in 1780?! 

The Week

And today we have more than a lakh newspapers in various languages circulating our country.

The Wire

13. National Broadcaster

Doordarshan became synonymous with television after it kicked off in 1959. An ultimate channel, it was our one-stop medium for everything. 

The Quint

And now, the broadcasting brochure can’t seem to hold the massive collection of channels we have. 

Hindustan Times

14. Gateway of India, Mumbai

Built during the early 20th century, this monument’s name is written in golden letters in our history.


At present, it’s a landmark known to all and a hotspot for tourists. 

India Times

15. MG Road, Bangalore

Before urbanization fully hit this city, it used to look like this. 

India Times

Now it has transformed into a metropolitan and called the Silicon Valley of India.

Photo Shelter

India has a story to tell: Its past is as glorious as its dynamic present and hopeful future.