A quintessential Diwali is made up of only a “few things”. Some good ol’ cleaning, lots of shopping, meeting everybody you know on the face of the earth and well, food. LOTS OF IT.  Unlike how we millennials function at regular parties, Diwali parties for sure have tonnes of gourmet homemade food. After all, it goes well with the true essence of Diwali. If you too, like me, are no cooking wizard then these super tasty and super easy recipes with a twist can be your lifesaver.

1. Crunchy Bakesmith Marie Choco Ladoo

This four-ingredient mithai will make for the perfect thing to welcome your guests with. All you need is Bakesmith Marie biscuits, almonds, honey and dark chocolate which by far is the least amount of ingredients you can make a mithai with. Mix it, roll it and bam, it’s ready! Check out the full recipe in the video below.

2. Chatpati Cheeslings Bhel

Diwali means mandatory card parties and everybody needs something to munch on while playing. All you gotta do is mix Cheeselings, peanuts, sev and other condiments together and you have something that everybody will be addicted to. Have a look at the recipe here and don’t forget to improvise. After all the more chatpata it is, the better it will taste. You can go through your entire kitchen shelf and spruce it up however you want.

3. Jhatpat 20-20 Kaju-Barfi

I know we all get sick of Kaju-Barfis during Diwali, but not when it’s home cooked. And the fact that it requires no cooking, well, suddenly everybody is interested. Now that I’ve talked this up so much, let’s get to the main point. All it requires is a pack of 20-20 cookies, cashew, sugar, pistachios, almond essence and you can make a batch of your own Kaju-barfi in no time. You can even give it to your guests on Diwali to add a little personal touch when it comes to gifting.

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