Ah ‘money’, the thing we all pretend doesn’t make us happy. The pursuit of monetary comfort is necessary, but it doesn’t always have to be through traditional means. There are some jobs around the world that most people don’t even know about, but pay surprisingly large amounts. Check it out. 

1. Celebrity joint roller – Up to $7000 dollars per joint

The best example of this job is a man called Tony Greenhand, who rose up through the power of social media and his virtuoso joint rolling. He makes smokeable art, which is basically different designs that are 100% smokeable. And he makes some serious dough doing it, especially when celebrities come calling.

2. Instagram influencer – $500 to $3000 per post

Instagram influencers primarily make money through sponsored posts. While we’re not including the money that people like the Kardashians make because they’re also celebrities, other influencers with followers ranging from 15k to 100k can make large amounts of money per post. One example is Valeria Hinojosa, who has 134k followers and makes over $150,000 per year.

3. Professional Bed Warmer –  up to $200,000 per year

This ‘job’ is usually done by hospitality staff, and it involves the person dressing in fleece body suits and rolling around on freshly made beds for 5 to 10 minutes to break them in. These warmers charge around $2000 per month for every client, and lie down in their bed for one hour. 

Indian Express

4. Cruise Ship Entertainer – Up to $2500 per week

From musicians to magicians to dancer to stand-up comics, they’re all in demand for cruise ships. Apart from free lodging and food, you can also make some solid dough, as well as enjoy a travel experience while you’re at it.

Quality Music

5. Horse Exerciser – $60,000 a year

This job requires you to train and exercise horses that are going to be used in different sports. They ride the horse on non-race days and prepare them for jockeys. Considering what the job is, they end up making a pretty penny.


6. Music therapist – Up to $140,000 a year

Music therapists work in schools and mental health facilities to help people express themselves through music. It’s an alternative form of therapy that’s not very mainstream, but the salary can go surprisingly high, especially with private practises.

Mott Child

7. Ice-Cream Taster – Up to $100,000 per year

Yup, there are actual people with this job profile. The taster checks to make sure each type of ice cream contains the right ingredients, textures, and flavors so consumers won’t be disappointed. All you need is a discerning palate to make a whole lot of money.

Office Chai

8. Anaesthesiologist’s Assistant – Up to $180,000 a year

Anaesthesiologists have to ensure that a person is safe before, while under and even after surgery. Their assistant helps with that process, and while the main individual obviously makes a lot more money, the assistant takes home a good chunk as well. 

Hospital Careers

9. Golf Ball Diver – $150,000 per year

Golf ball divers jump into the ponds across golf courses to salvage, clean, and recycle golf balls. They have to be scuba-certified, and know their way around murky water that may even have snakes and alligators. But, the payoff is pretty sweet. One guy even made $15 million doing it!


10. Submarine Cook – $150,000 a year

Now this is a pretty far-out job, which is why the salary is surprisingly high. It’s a combination of the chef’s base pay, plus submarine and critical trades allowances being tallied up


Well, that’s a lot of jobs I didn’t even know existed.