From people sighting shadowy figures to hearing faint whispers when there’s no one around, the fear of the unknown has been known to be the one thing that can convert non-believers. But unless one experiences it first hand, it’ll sound like a load of bollocks.

However, these people’s encounter with the paranormal which they shared on the subreddit, AskReddit will make you reconsider.

I used to work night audit shift at a historical hotel. It used to be a big plantation house, but it was converted into a cute small hotel. They still honor the old mistress of the house. There’s a big painting of her still hanging in the lobby and they tried to keep as much of the original furnishing as they could. People said that she’s still there and things would sometimes happened on my shifts. You’d feel like you were being watched some nights, the chandelier in the lobby would swing wildly, the radio would change channels or turn on and off on it’s own, things would go missing and then seemingly reappear for no reason, doors to vacant rooms would be unlocked and propped open, lights in the kitchen or ballroom would turn on after I turned them off and vice versa. Her old master bedroom was converted into our only suite, and while it wasn’t booked often, she’d get upset when people were in there. You could sometimes hear footsteps when nobody was in there too (the suite was directly above the lobby). I never sensed anything malicious though and she never did anything to harm people. I was bored very often and I’d talk to her sometimes. Like, I’d feel like I was being watched and I’d just be like, “Hey, how are you tonight?” Or if there was someone in the suite and activity would spike, I’d reassure her that they’d be gone soon and tell her their check out date. I probably looked crazy, but nobody else was awake at the time and it was kinda fun. I’ve always been open to the paranormal, but I never had any kind of experiences myself, so it was cool to finally have that.


This was when I was around 16 years old. So I was asleep in my small room on top bunk of the bunk bed. My room was very much a box room so it was around 2 meters wide. Opposite my bed was my bookcase/library. I had a lot of interesting books on there and would frequently read from it everyday. So one night I was asleep when I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night for no reason. But my room isn’t as dark as it normally is, so I look towards my bookcase and there right in front of me is a large man, completely green and glowing. His back was turned to me and in my sleepy state I was just curiously watching him reading my books. He then noticed and turned around to face me. He then gave me the warmest friendliest smile ever. I looked at him for a few seconds then smiled back and placed my head on the pillow and went back to sleep.


So I’ve always been kinda open to paranormal things, but my wife is complete opposite. She’s not down with anything remotely spooky. So one night I woke up and one side of my room was almost completely black. After waking back up I felt like someone was watching me. I saw multiple shadow figures right off to the side of my bed. I tried to roll over on my stomach face down and jokingly thought to myself nothing was there. Something breathed in my left ear. Mind that my wife was sleeping to my right. I thought to myself, “If you’re actually there do it 3 more times…” sure the fuck enough I hear it breathe in my ear 3 more times. I about shit myself and hid under the covers like a 5 year old. The next morning I told my wife and she told me she saw the same thing!


My husband had a vivid dream of his mom holding him and petting his head like she did when he was little. We woke up to a phone call that his mom was in a coma and had bleeding on her brain, the same side she was caressing him in his dream. We rushed to the hospital, but he said he knew she was already gone, that she had let him know it was alright. He’s not religious or superstitious at all, and had no belief in the afterlife, paranormal, or other dimensions up until that point. He’s much more spiritual and open minded now.


When I was around 8 years old, I was spending the night with my grandparents. When I would stay over, I would sleep with my grandmother and my grandfather. We laid down and the door was open. She always used to hang a bunch of dresses and purses on a hook on the back of the door, so it was relatively heavy to shut and latch closed. Also in front of the door was one of those square box fans, the really loud ones. We’d been lying there for about 10 minutes and the door slammed shut, completely latched, everything fell off the back of the door, and the fan got knocked over. I, as a child of course started to freak out. She just told me that the dog did it and to go back to sleep. But the dog was already asleep next to her side of the bed the whole time. It still boggles my mind how that happened. But that house was very creepy and a lot of odd things happened there.


When my husband and I first moved into our house one of the first ‘quirks’ of our house was the squeaky floors. What was once annoying became routine and we didn’t notice it after a few months or so. Fast forward four years. We have a 5 month old baby asleep downstairs for the night. We have memorized every squeak and creak to be able to appropriately navigate around the house without waking a fussy baby. There’s one particular creak at the threshold to my office that I started to use as a sort of alert if someone came up behind me as my desk faced the back wall away from the door. I’m sitting at my desk taking some much needed me time, when I hear the usual creak of the floor as my husband enters the room. As I turn around I say “Hey, do you…” there was no one there. I turn back around thinking the house shifted and embarrassed I spoke aloud to no one. A few minutes pass and I hear it again. I spin around in my chair and, nothing. I walk out into the hall making the floor creak myself to turn the light on. Back into the office, creak, and with a quick thought of “fuck that,” I was back to Reddit. About thirty minutes pass and CREAK! I jump out of my chair and turn around to find an empty doorway and fully lit hall beyond. So I say aloud what my mother once said when I was a kid, “Only friends and family welcome here! All others must leave NOW for we are protected by the light!” Behind me on the desk my shitty desk lamp slams down breaking the escape key off my keyboard in the process. Now let me say, I’m not super religious and more just believe in having good intentions towards others. But that night I prayed. To every god there could be, is, and ever was, and for divine protection over my home and my family.


When I was about seven, I remember waking up in the middle of the night and seeing a blue ball of light floating above me. It was weird. It slowly moved around, and the light was non-buoyant. This is what is known as an ‘orb’. It happened every so often that the seven-year-old me made a functioning gun out of my Lego to protect myself. I never got to be a real life Ghostbuster because every time I saw the orb I was in shock. Every time I saw the orb I told my mother and, rightfully so, she thought I was full of shit. She eventually got fed up and told me, “Fine, I’ll sleep in your room tonight and prove to you there is no orb!” That night she slept in my room, and as always I woke up to see the orb floating above me. I built up enough courage to open my mouth but the only words that came out were “Mom?” My mom eminently responded and whispered to me “Shhh, (My name) don’t move!” The fucking weirdest part is when we both spoke, the orb stopped moving as if it could hear us or had some sort of conciseness. Then, after a brief moment of silence it began to move again. I don’t remember what happened next. I think we fell back to sleep or we were in so much shock we passed out. The next day, I tried asking my mom what it was. She didn’t have a single clue. Not only was it my first “See? I told you so!” moment but it showed the younger me adults don’t know everything. This whole experience still makes me question everything in the world. I really do think there is more to our universe, but we can’t understand it and probably never will.


Several events that coincide actually. My mom and I have always been very spiritually aware. We pulled out the Ouija board and began asking questions. It kept saying “(moms boyfriends name) is evil”. They had been together for 10 years and he acted as a father figure to my brother and I. Several months later, he tried to kill my mom while my brother and I were away. My mom walked away from the event and he went to prison. While he was in prison we had a huge wind storm caused by a hurricane in the south that left us without any power for a week. We spent our nights by candle light and would play board games. One night we pulled out the Ouija board again, but this time the board kept saying fire and candle my mom looked around- there was no fire. Then our smoke alarm went off. Mom asked the spirit to shut of the alarm, but it again said “no” “fire” my mom got up and went into the bathroom and found a candle that had melted down so far that the wax had gotten everywhere and it would’ve have caused a fire. That spirit protected our family that night. Lastly, my mom, brother, and I have all seen the same dark entity in the house at different stages in time. We hadn’t told one another about seeing him until several years ago (which is why we know we weren’t fabricating what we saw). One day when I was visiting the house (long after I moved out) I went into my old room (now my brothers room) and as I shut the door I saw the figure out of the corner of my eye. My brother had seen him standing in the room and heard the figure say his name. My mom saw the same figure in the back yard one night after everything happened with her boyfriend. The house is most definitely haunted. 


We moved in with in-laws for a couple years when my sons were 5 & 8. My 5 yr old started having horrifying night terrors shortly after we moved in. He was also scared to be in any part of the house alone, no matter the time of day. The hallway is long and he would always turn on the light and then sprint down it as fast as he could. As his episodes seemed to get worse, and after a particularly creepy night where I woke to see a horrific creature at the end of my bed, I decided to ‘claim’ the house. I just walked through the whole house ‘anointing’ the doorways and thresholds to bedrooms with oils and announcing that only light lived here. One day shortly after this my son comes in my room cheerfully and announces, “Mommy! I’m not scared anymore! The girl in the hall with the knife is gone!” 


I was recording songs I made on the guitar on my phone and would re-listen to it constantly to try to get it right and re-record it. As I’m listening I heard something at the end of the recording. Mind you I’m doing all of this in a empty house. I turn it up and listen closely in 2 seconds really fast you could hear multiple disembodied voices saying, “I hear everything you say.”


When I was about 7 or 8, I witnessed a very short blue thing climb up my parents kitchen wall and disappear into a hole in the ceiling. At that age I just assumed that it was the house’s keeper/spirit and let it go since it seemed harmless. Yes, I did see the creature at least twice more after that.


When I was about 10 years old, my family was heading to bed and I was laying in bed about to go to sleep. There’s a view of the hallway and kitchen from where I was sleeping so I could see everything. At the end of my hallway is a ‘spare room’ which we keep the ironing board and other bits and pieces in. Everyone feels eerie when being in that room. Anyhow, I was laying in bed looking outside my room when I see a figure wearing a long baby blue nightgown walk slowly into the direction of that room. I didn’t think much of it and called out to my brother asking what he was doing (his room and the spare room was in that direction). He mumbled telling me to shut up because he was half asleep, so it wasn’t him. I called out to my mum but she was in her room on the other side of the house no where near me. My dad wasn’t home. I was so scared and didn’t sleep that night.


I was home alone that night and preparing dinner. Before eating I closed the door of the room with the creepy doll (about 4foot tall) my mom had because I could directly see it when I eat on the dining table. After I closed the door, I heard a loud and ‘angry’ knock coming from inside the room. And that is the story why I am not going back to that room ever again.


When I was 6 years old, I got the idea to sell my soul to Satan in exchange for ‘power’. I drafted a contract as best as a could, drew a stick figure of Satan so he’d know it was for him, and fingerprinted it with my blood to show I mean business. I then decided that hey, I need to get this contract ‘to the other side’ so I set it on fire while calling on Satan’s name. It was all fun and games until a very tiny tornado just happened to spring up the moment I put the burning contract on the floor, and picked it up, spinning the contract in the air at around my eye-level. I got scared and ran to the house. When I came back five minutes later, I searched for the contract high and low everywhere on the property and outside of it, but never found it. I know no one else found it either because I would have gotten in trouble for it. Since then, people who have had ‘demonic’ experiences say they feel safe around me. More recently, my ex who had night terrors for years and felt ‘energies’ said it all stopped around me as if ‘they’ were scared. 


About a decade back, I experienced some two weeks of ‘visitations’ by something that looked like a perfectly black silhouette of a person, leaning its head around the doorway to look at me during the dead of night. At first I reasoned it away as a quirk of the eye, since it disappeared whenever directly looked at or the lights were turned on. I started getting worried when I distinctly saw it creep back into vision, rather than instantly appear, once I looked away again. After checking everything and everywhere, I concluded it was nonsense. Then the thing started charging me. No details, no movements. Just blackness rushing to fill the edge of your vision. I kept the lights on after that. Otherwise didn’t bother me. It arrived at random and went at random, and I’ve never experienced anything like it since.


When I was a little kid, I often played in my grandmother’s living room. In her room there were 3 big dolls. These dolls were bigger than me and I was very afraid of them. Then one day I played with my little dolls in this room. I looked up to the dolls and I saw that the head and the eyes of this doll moved. She starred at me. I ran out of the room and began to cry. After this day I couldn’t go into this room anymore. But when I tried to go in I began to cry for no reasons. My grandmother took the dolls and put them into a small extra room. After this day I heard noises and voices that my family couldn’t hear, but only when I was in my grandmothers rooms. I heard noises from the cellar. And suddenly all these things stopped. I don‘t know how this happened. I don‘t believe in ghosts or something but that was creepy.


About 8 years back, I lived opposite a hospital with my GF, our daughter wasn’t very old when we started noticing weird things going on. She would sit up in her cot and look into a corner of the room and laugh sometimes. Another time my GF and I were sitting in the living room when a musical carousel in my daughters room (that you have to wind up) started playing. I said to my GF, “I bet when we go towards the bedroom it’ll stop.” And it did stop. I’m a fan of horror films and it was all just crazy stereotypical stuff. My GF swears that she saw a nurse-like figure in the bathroom mirror one night. I never felt at ease in that flat, safe to say we didn’t stay there long. Nothing weird since, it seemed to just be that place.


I lived in a haunted house till the age of 13. It was a variation of things that happened. My bed and door would shake a briefly in the middle of the night. My closet door would open and the light would go on and off. My TV and radio would randomly turn on at night. I was in a broken family and was dismissed as being a troubled child. I ended up never being home. I signed up for any extra curricular activities and always had somewhere else to stay on holidays and weekends. I was a bit of a handful and was going through my emo phase so I can kinda see why people didn’t believe me. Fast forward to two years of this crap my mom calls me because she arrived home and all my electronics were on and she was sick of turning them off. Again I told her it was whatever lived in that house with us. She yelled and became upset and demanded I come home since I kept lying. It was late at night that I told her my friend’s parents would take me home in the morning. I go home around noon and see boxes all in the living room. Apparently she had to get up 3 times that night to turn off my TV and closet light and the last time she went in the door, it slammed behind her.


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