You think being tagged as a millennial is cool? Think again! According to a 32-page report published by Blue Cross Blue Shield, millennials will experience a decline in their health, in the next 10 years. 

That’s not all though. With the current conditions, healthcare cost will also become expensive which means, our lives and our health conditions aren’t going to get any better. 

The author of the 32-page long report claims millennials will simultaneously become sicker, and poorer and they will die younger than the previous generation, Generation X. Cheers! Lets drown in our sorrows together.

The report projects two potential futures that are possible for us milllennials. The first one is a ‘baseline projection’ which basically includes all the things that we can expect if we try to change our bad habits by correcting them. And, the second projection is a scarier one which is known as the ‘adverse projection’. This essentially includes all the things that can happen to us if our current habits don’t change and our ‘being broke’ situation still continues.

This also means that we will become less productive in the future as we are expected to be sicker. Certainly, not the news we want to hear. 

Analysts further say that the major generational difference is because of increasing ‘behavourial health’ problems or things like depression, hyperactivity (meaning anxiety, ADD, and ADHD), and substance abuse. 

Also, just so you know, the rates of depression and hyperactivity increased by 30% among millennials between 2014 and 2017. Holy shit!

So, we may be physically healthier than our predecessors but statistically things are different. We maybe more into fitness and eating healthy but we are still a generation that is facing depression, crippling anxiety and other behavioural problems. 

So, no matter how much you take care of yourself physically, if you are not mentally stable and healthy, nothing really makes much of a difference. 

Either way, our future looks pretty bleak.